Monday, December 19, 2011

…::: Has THIS ARROW been found? :: In the UK?

WELL, IT'S MARTIN-BAKER ejection seat certainly has.

Well…maybe not from Arrow 204, but likely Arrow 206!

And that Arrow seat is for sale on eBay for a cool $250,000—or you can make an offer!

Since the 1960s…there is still a rumour amongst the ex-RAF personnel from RAF Manston that an Arrow did indeed make it to that English air base.

The ONLY TWO possible flying Arrows would be Arrow 203, or Arrow 204, that were set aside for the RAE (Royal Aeronautical Establishment).

So, who knows?

Someone knows!


…from Marc-Andre Valiquette, world's foremost Avro Arrow collector, and, of course, leading Avro Arrow expert!


Oh—and IF an intact Arrow was found—I'd have to call in sick for the entire week, 'cause I'd be sick, intoxicated—with rapturous joy!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


…the sacrifice CANADIANS made in WW II.

Here's a tiny glimpse into that world, as told to us by some of our Canadian Army veterans.


THE FIRST RCAF SQUADRONS to serve under the British Coastal Command were formed in Great Britain in 1941. Three squadrons, No 404, No 407, and No 415 took part in attacks against German ships along the coasts of north-western Europe.

Equipped with Bristol Beaufighters in the spring of 1943, No 404 played a role in the development of a new weapon, the three-inch (7,6 cm) rocket with a 25-pound (11.3 kg) armour-piercing charge, as it hunted down Axis ships off the coasts of Norway.


(accidentally deleted my November 11, 2011 post , 404 was my dad's squadron after the war)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marc-Andre Valiquette IN PERSON!! Saturday: CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE MUSEUM (Hamilton YHM)

DON'T SAY I DIDN'T tell you!

AVRO ARROW DAY - Book Launch & Presentation at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

NOVEMBER 12, 2011 - 1 pm in the Dome

AVRO ARROW POWER POINT PRESENTATION by Author Marc-Andre Valiquette. Regular admission, FREE to members.

Following the presentation, Marc-Andre Valiquette will launch his latest book on the Avro Arrow, "DESTRUCTION OF A DREAM - Volume 4". Avro Arrow artifacts from Marc's personal collection and the Museum's collection will be on display.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

::: The Canadian Air and Space Museum, and the Weight of History ..::.::.

THERE ARE NOT many places within the City of Toronto that still exist, have significant local and national historical importance, and remain, much as they were "back in the day".

That have the weight of history upon them.

65 Carl Hall Road is such a place.

The former de Havilland Canada manufacturing site (built in 1929) groans under the weight of the Canadian history—it bears witness to. Participated in.

65 Carl Hall Road Canadians fought their war on the home front.

Our soldiers, sailors, and airmen fought the war on the war front.

Here, at 65 Carl Hall, the yet unrealized potential of the emerging industrial might of Canada squared off surely—against the already realized, ominous industrial might of Nazi Germany, back in the late thirties, and early forties.

Here, at ole '65…DHC Gipsy Moth and Tiger Moth production went into full swing.

Canada never seemed able to build a successful homegrown automobile. No matter how many times we wannabes tried.

CANADA HOWEVER has manufactured dozens of very successful homegrown aircraft, sold, to countries the world over.

Most of them have—a 65 Carl Hall Road connection.

Many of these Canadian aircraft or projects were either envisioned, mocked up, or manufactured at 65 Carl Hall and/or at the adjoining de Havilland facilities.

Yes, yes…even the current Dash 8-Q400 family series of airliners (over 1000 sold to date to airlines globally) have a 65 Carl Hall Road connection.

But folks, let's go back to WORLD WAR II.

When Herr Hitler threatened to enslave the world, de Havilland of Canada (then entirely based at 65 Carl Hall Road) responded by producing thousands of military aircraft to supply our great Canadian war effort. Without these very aircraft, the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) could never have gotten off the ground…if you'll forgive my pun. And as you know, or should know, without Canada's BCATP the Allies never would have won the war.

Over a 100,000 airmen were trained in Canada through the BCATP. Even 9000 Americans!

But you can't train aircrews without airplanes!

You can't practice dog-fights with bicycles—although early in the war, the British tried that.


DE HAVILLAND of CANADA (located at 65 Carl Hall Road) the largest employer of Torontonians at the time, and for decades thereafter, responded overwhelming with:

• 1,500 DH 82C Tiger Moths

• 375 Avro Anson II training aircraft

• 1,133 DH98 Mosquito fighter-bombers

Merlin-Packard engines for the DHC Mosquitos were even assembled in the main room of the CASM, in the Museum area that opens up behind the gift shop/museum entrance area.

Moving right along, still under the weight of history…after World War II ended in victory, the Cold War began for Canada.

And de Havilland of Canada was there!

DHC produced:

"…the very successful DHC-1 Chipmunk trainer, and the DHC-2 Beaver and the DHC-3 Otter 'bush planes" that opened up Canada's north to be first mapped and then later protected from a first strike by the establishment of the DEW Line. These hardy aircraft were designed and built through project overseeing headquartered at ole' 65.

DHC aircraft are Canada's most successful original aircraft designs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s besides of course the illustrious Avro Jetliner, the famed Avro Arrow, and the secretive Avrocar which were also great successes, but sadly—never saw production!

De Havilland of Canada and the government of Canada donated 200 Canadian-made Mosquitos and Canadian DHC pilots to train the democratic Nationalist China air force fighter-pilots in their war effort bid to suppress the Chinese Communist factions. The Communists did eventually overtake China—the Nationalist Chinese lost, and thus China is still without democracy. But De Havilland of Canada had a very active role in the Allied attempt to suppress Chinese Communism.
SPAR Aerospace, the maker of the Canadarm -- Canada`s biggest contribution to current space technology -- began in Building #1 at 65 Carl Hall Road. Here, again, at ole' 65, Canada's first spacecraft - the Alouette I- was assembled. SPAR also built the innovative STEM antenna for satellites in this very building.

In 1990, the Federal Heritage Building Review Office (FHBRO) completed an historical assessment of this site. The building was assigned the status of Recognized Federal Heritage Building in May 1992 because of its historical associations, and its architectural and environmental value."(CASM, 2011)

THERE WILL ALWAYS BE those Canadians who sell CANADA short.

Just as there are those Canadians who forever think of Canada as a one trick pony.

Good at hockey, or, winter sports.

End of story.

But, that isn't the end of the story.

That's as far as their historical knowledge, and myopic vision of Canada takes them. Of course it's the lowest common denominator vision of Canada.

As if Canadians have had only a hockey focus.

AS IF, we never did anything else. And while a lot can be said for simplicity—absolutely nothing good can be said about simpletons.

And yet that's exactly who the CANADIAN AIR and SPACE MUSEUM (CASM) contends with these days. En masse.

PDP. Parc Downsview Park. Simpleton, central.

You gotta' feel for the CANADIAN AIR and SPACE MUSEUM.

With each passing day…Parc Downsview Park looks for ways to make it harder for the museum to survive.

CASM were even firstly locked out of their own museum by Parc officials. And then they were let back in. CASM was told they need to pay rent arrears—and then they were forbidden from allowing paying patrons to visit the museum, and generate further revenue! CASM were told their museum building at 65 Carl Hall Road wasn't up to code—as if the museum building would suddenly implode—at any given moment—and therefore the only solution recommended by Downsview Park—was to demolish the building!

Still, my biggest concern is that nobody has been able to see the root cause of the problem.

It's D and his irregularly set up Crown corporation.

Parc Downsview Park (PDP) is a Crown corporation birthed into being to bypass regular Parliamentary review and the usual accompanying federal government restraints on such an endeavour.

Parc Downsview Park (PDP) to date has blown $100 million of taxpayers money with VERY little to show. This is a 'corporation' that was flagged by Sheila Fraser, FCA Auditor General WAY BACK IN 2002 as to how DPD was spending taxpayers money, and getting around the normal review process.

Today? Nothing's been done.

DPD…still spending…still unaccountable!

If you've ever seen the Lord of the Rings, then you know the deformed hobbit, Gollum, and his sickly obsessive, demented, refrain, "My precious", my precious" .

Switch up to a glowing, eager, PDP's D holding an artist's representation of his 'precious', his personally endorsed creation: a 4-plex of hockey arenas right where he imagines the CANADIAN AIR and SPACE MUSEUM (65 Carl Hall Road) won't be, when he's done wrecking Canadian heritage.

All D can see is his 'precious'.

More armpit arenas.

And the only difference between S and Gollum, that I can see, is that, well…Gollum was…actually…likeable.

These Crown corp execs, like D…….got the grandiose idea put into their head—years back—that they were actually real biz folk, real CEOs and stuff, you know like those commanding free-enterprise biz types whose jobs were on the line with every decision they made.

Poor D. He forgets he retains a government position that is exposed to no risk, whatsoever. Flanked as he is, on all sides by his union—and with the Canadian taxpayer as his safety net.

Oh, yeah—that's real biz, D-boy.

D, you'll never be a baron, or captain of industry. Or even a good manager.

Nor should you be.

Any anti-Canadian lunatic who would demolish the site of the oldest notable aircraft manufacturing facility in Ontario, a building dating back to 1929, the actual former site of Toronto's largest manufacturing employer for decades—and anybody who would wave away, wave off the gift of hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours—valued at millions of dollars—from those dedicated volunteers who stepped up and took on the thankless job of painstakingly restoring and even creating (the Arrow) fantastic remembrances of our precious, and honourable Canadian historical past—is not fit for the job of overseeing a convenience store—let alone a 500+ acre Crown park.

And once again—why is the CANADIAN AIR and SPACE MUSEUM even paying rent???

Museums have NEVER been about making money, D.

They've ALWAYS been about preserving and sharing a country's unique past…first, with ourselves, and then, with the world around us.

Go to the great American battlefield of Gettysburg and on many days there are relatively few folk milling about. But the historical aura is still there—because the actual battlefield and wartime buildings have been left standing. Its the very place where the US Civil War took a major turn, an unadorned place that would go on to define America as a nation forever.

And 65 Carl Hall Road is such a place for Canada.

Here, Canadians first embraced complex manufacturing processes. Here, we mastered them. And went on to fight the home front war! Because there was two wars. We have many remembrances of the war front, in other museums across Canada but none left of the home front.

Yet, 65 Carl Hall Road, is such a place. Is such a reminder of our past.

And if you can't see that. Or feel that—there's no hope for you!

Fast forward to today.
Does anyone realize the tens of millions of dollars in specialized work that has been donated by selfless volunteers to create and maintain the CANADIAN AIR and SPACE MUSEUM? All, given for free, by many generous volunteers —in order to FOREVER PRESERVE our uniquely Canadian, aviation and aerospace history, from both the commercial and military sectors!

These are our Canadian stories.

This is our notable past still ensconced at the cozy abode (by modern standards) within 65 Carl Hall Road.

Canadian aviation history holds no value to D-boy.

I hope it holds some for you.

Again, as of September 28, 2011…Parc Downsview Park has locked out all staff, volunteers, and visitors at 65 Carl Hall Road.

How can you help?

Go to:

Upper left hand corner of CASM's web site, locate, "Send a message", and click.

A letter will appear noting the Museum's concerns, which are every true patriotic Canadian's concerns. Just add your e-mail into the box provided and send!

ALSO, sign this on-line petition:

Your support of the Museum will be sent to those who can really help save the Museum.

DONATE to the Museum—if you are able.


(PHOTO: is of the CASM-created, exact replica, of the once mighty and imposing Canadian designed Avro Arrow) Must see LARGE!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iDeath: Steve Jobs, an Unpopular Critique

PERHAPS THE BEST SUMMARY I heard in relation to the impact of Steve Jobs came from a Canadian journalist who summed up Steve Jobs life with the techie term, 'disruptive innovation'.

Through that 'disruption' Steve changed the world for the better.

iTunes, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the iMac, etc ~

I certainly don't do Windoze…

THAT SAID, all was not well with the much-ballyhooed man who was synonymous with Apple Inc.

In the end our habits own us, and we shouldn't be too surprised that Steve's habit of inter-personal severity owned him, and the resentful petulant man who was forever upset with underlings that failed to impress, but more so upset by being put up for adoption as a baby, later refused every opportunity for amends to be made by the once offending, now, contrite.

Through the years, Steve nursed his rage against his biological father.

Steve did forgive his birth mother for the great heave-ho, and later acknowledged a daughter he too initially rejected—but forgiving an aging father with outstretched arms proved to be too much, too overwhelming for the fastidious nerd who changed the world. And who—eventually learned to take regular showers.

Still, I guess being surrounded by paid accolades who bow to your every whim at 1 Cupertino Loop can set one up with a false dichotomy, whereby your petty personal viewpoint is always right, and the whole rest of the world is terribly wrong.

Except, Steve's father, John Jandali, wasn't another computer or software brand, he was, well—his father.

The man who gave Steve life.

Yeah, that guy.

Whatever false, morally relative construct Steve used—throughout the long years—to shield himself emotionally from his father, will, happily, never replace that seemingly innocuous and obvious command to honour one's father and mother. And with that eternal directive, came the general, temporal promise, of a long life.

Or could it be, as it is in most cases where father-son, father-daughter estrangement occurs, the divorced/separated/offended mother fuels the on-going separation and hostility of her offspring—against their biological father. I do not mean Clara Jobs here. I mean Joanne Carole Schieble, Steve's biological mom.

Or was it a tandem thing? Mother and daughter (Mona Simpson) against John Jandali? This is also often the case.

Steve, and his biological sister Mona (the other offspring of John and Joanne) became best friends after having not known each other until their late 20s. Such can be the fall-out from adoption, and disappearing into the night. After their brother-sister relationship solidified, Mona encouraged Steve to reach out to their mother, now Joanne Schieble Simpson, and Steve later invited Joanne to some Apple events. Mona paved the way for Steve to reconcile with mom, Joanne. However, Joanne had likely so sabotaged Mona and John's continued relationship, from the earliest of times, that the foundation had already been laid for Steve to later follow suit. And so, he too, joined with Mona in rejecting father John.

Good one, Joanne. Good one, Mona.

Divorced fathers this is likely the most famous example you will ever have, of the effects of the negative power-play, your former spouse can exert over your mutual offspring.

If its a stormy break, she'll turn the kids against you, forever.

It's her one final way to hurt you.

Hurt, unstable mothers, are working behind the scenes, sabotaging your chances to keep an ongoing relationship with your son or daughter. The provincial family courts in Ontario, Canada are quite wise to the potential for this extended Mommie-dearist tactic and strongly encourage mediation.

Courts elsewhere—not so much~

Steve Jobs: Incredible visionary! Spectacular inventor!

Good son?

Well, two out of three, ain't bad.

Closing off a homily one Sunday at Mass, I remember one of our parish priests noting, that whatever disasters befall us—short of death—we never did have the right to expect perfect parents.

But apparently, Steve still did.

Good-bye, Steve.

Thanks for the presents.

Your dad never had your presence, but he has one of your iPads. And he lined up like everyone else to get one.

Roll that image through the theatre of your mind, folks.

The closest John Jandali (Steve Job's father) was able to get his son—was to buy one of his son's products—from one of said son's stores.

ABSOLUTELY disgusting. Monumentally saddening.

While Steve Jobs, being a Buddhist, never had access to the treasure trove of Christian admonishment to act otherwise, still the moral law is written on the hearts of all men—even those outside of the influence of Christian revelation.

Still, Jobs loved the Beatles, and he should have, at least, listened to them.

"For well you know that it's a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder"
(Hey Jude)

How many letters and postcards from father John Jandali (through the years), went unanswered, Steve?

I hope someone in the Jobs or Simpson family will FINALLY take the high road and reach out to John Jandali, Steve's estranged (not-by-choice) father in these, his twilight years.

But since we're dealing with Buddhists and pagans here—don't hold your breath.

You can't reason with pagans.

The world may praise Steve Jobs all they want. And he certainly deserves their praise—for the amazing Apple products that were brought to fruition under his leadership—for those eager, and consuming masses.

But, and there is always a but… Steve's final denial of his father, even from his deathbed, certainly gives me, great pause~

(Photo: Apple Canada Head Office, take pictures here and security comes out to meet you!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Parc Downsview Park ::: No Home for the Arrow!

YOU'VE GOT TO WONDER where these condescending Crown organizations find those bureaucratic disconnects who are so far removed from any passionate knowledge of the history of Canada that they would attempt to replace 65 Carl Hall Road with hockey arenas. There are a hundred other sites WITHIN Parc Downsview Park's 572 acres that could house a 4-plex hockey arena, but some yahoo wants to bulldoze the Canadian Air and Space Museum and put it there.

In the old days, at the turn of the last century we use to horse-whip those individuals that dared to sally forth with such tomfoolery.

Now, we actually hear them out.

I'm all for Canada maintaining hockey dominance on the international scene…but not at the expense of our great Canadian aviation history.

Aviation is another area where Canada ONCE dominated, however briefly, and we need to acknowledge that.

Young Canadians need to see and reflect on our past.

And where better than at the actual historic site of the de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada, right where their first plant was located at 65 Carl Hall Road.

De Havilland first produced British designed aircraft (de Havilland Moths) under licence in order to train up Canadian airmen across the country in the 30s. But, later in the 40s, over 1100 units of the legendary de Havilland Mosquito were produced at 65 Carl Hall Road for action in WW II. In the Cold War, over 200 of these Canadian-made Downsview Mosquitos saw fighting action again, and were involved in Communist suppression in China, by a then-decree of the Canadian government.

Bigger projects were in store for Downsview's de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada, though.

The De Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada went on to design and manufacture 8 wholly Canadian aircraft.

You might have heard of some of them.

1) DHC-1 Chipmunk
2) DHC-2 Beaver
3) DHC-3 Otter
4) DHC-4 Caribou
5) DHC-5 Buffalo
6) DHC-6 Twin Otter
7) DHC-7 Dash 7
8) DHC-8 Dash 8

The first four designs were exclusive to 65 Carl Hall Road and the nearby hangers. The Caribou, Buffalo, Twin Otter, Dash 7, and Dash 8 were manufactured on the south side of Downsview airfield at the Garratt Blvd facility. The Dash 8 continues on as the Bombardier Q400 which is still in commercial production today.

The Cold War fostered the development of a Canadian Guided Missile Division, located, guess where? I'll give you a hint, its on Carl Hall Road. This era drew a whole new breed of scientists with a whole new agenda. This time in space.

The Canadian-built Alouette I satellite was both designed and assembled at 65 Carl Hall Road. The Alouette I became the first satellite in the world—that would be put into space by a country, other than the USA, or the USSR. SPAR began right here as well. SPAR, you remember, went on to produce the Canada Arm for NASA's space schuttles.

In spite of all this rich history, Parc Downsview Park has the bulldozers on stand-by to level 65 Carl Hall Road. Six months and counting down…

Parc Downsview Park advertises itself as a place for all Peoples. It's just not Canadian friendly.

Isn't it funny that no matter what noble thing people try to do, I'm thinking of the thousands of Canadian Air and Space Museum volunteers that have put hundreds of thousands of hours into restoring historical Canadian aircraft (Tracker, Lancaster, CF-5 etc) or restoring historical Canadian jet engines (Jetliner Derwent, the Orenda 5 etc) building another Arrow(see above photo), or hosting great aviation history commemorative events that even Jim Floyd attended…there's always some Judas waiting in the wings to push his own petty agenda, and ruin everything.

There is one more thing Canadians need to know.

OF ALL THE GTA AIRFIELDS that were a part of Canada's EARLY robust aviation history:

▪ Armour Heights Field 1917-1919
▪ Barker Field 1927-1953
▪ Leaside Aerodrome 1927-1931
▪ Long Branch Aerodrome 1915-1919
▪ Toronto Aerodrome 1928-1939

Only Downsview Airfield 1929–present STILL remains.

That's right, just Downsview!

Downsview remains connected to its illustrious aviation past with one operational airfield still owned and managed by Bombardier Aerospace (the successors to de Havilland Canada) and ALSO through the existence of the Canadian Air and Space Museum at 65 Carl Hall Road who should also be the final tenants at number 65.

The Canadian Air and Space Museum (CASM) resides in the hanger that once was the original manufacturing building of de Havilland Canada. Well, that ongoing historical residence is quite precarious now.

The Canadian Air and Space Museum last week was tendered its eviction notice September 20, 2011 from the Parc Downsview Park (a Crown corporation) because they were $100,000 in rent arrears.

Why the Canadian Air and Space Museum was paying ANY RENT, and why they don't also have the former associated de Havilland hanger unit in their possession…just boggles my Canadian mind.

So I guess the TAM Arrow gets tossed to the curb along with the RAF Nimrod tail Memorial that the Museum has housed for the families of the seven RAF airmen who sadly lost their lives while performing in the Canadian International Air Show, in Toronto, in 1995.

The British are going to love to hear how tiny Canada has become in its mentality.

You have to wonder why a Crown corporation (Parc Downsview Park ) would thoughtlessly damage the museum's reputation and enlist a sheriff to LOCK OUT Museum personnel and CASM members for rent arrears.

Again, WHY IS THE MUSEUM EVEN PAYING ANY RENT, Parc Downsview Park? What has Park Judas ever done to preserve Canadian history? Seems you want to steamroller over it—that's your pathetic 'vision'.

What a bunch of losers.

All last week I have been getting emails (even from Americans) and message appeals asking me what I think? Why this happening to the Museum? Don't Canadians preserve their history? Why is the Museum even paying rent? Why was the Museum not just given the lands—by the Government of Canada? Etc., etc.

Folks, I am just as bewildered as you are!

I have no idea why Parc Downsview Park are such development-obsessed, history-destroying a••holes!

They don't get it. They'll never get it. Stooges never do.

You are dealing with bureaucratic disconnects who promise to save a few bricks from the facade of the Museum and put them in the new four-rink hockey arena.

How thoughtful, how nice.

PUBLC APPEAL: Tonight, Parc Downsview Park is coincidentally holding their annual public meeting at 35 Carl Hall Road at 7;30pm. I know there will be a real temptation to heave tomatoes at these idiots. There ARE a••holes. Don't be one.

Ask them why they are destroying Canadian history.

Accept no excuses—that's exactly what they've proposed.

The arenas can go elsewhere on the site, somewhere, more conveniently located. Like, right on Keele. Why hasn't THAT been proposed?

Even for dummies from the Parc, this alone should be a no brainer…why locate well inside the Park when you can locate on the Park's edge THUS making access much easier for those parents and their kids who will use the future sport facilities.

YOU CAN HELP SAVE THE MUSEUM by watching this video:


Now write a brief note to:

Rona Ambrose (Cabinet Minister responsible for Downsview Park), Mark Alder (MP for York Centre where Museum is located), James Moore (Minister of Canadian Heritage), Steven Blaney (Minister of Veterans Affairs), Monte Kwinter (MPP for York Centre), Maria Augimeri (Toronto City Councillor for York Centre) and YOUR Member of Parliament!

(Be sure to copy the museum on any of your communications at )

Rona Ambrose
Minister, Public Works and Government Services and Minister for the Status of Women
Telephone: 613-996-9778 (Ottawa) & 780-495-7705 (Edmonton)

Mark Alder
MP York Centre
Telephone: 613-941-6339 (Ottawa) & 416-638-3700 (Toronto)

James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages
Telephone: 613-992-9650

Steven Blaney
Minister of Veterans Affairs
Telephone: 613-992-7434

Maria C. Augimeri
Councillor, City of Toronto
Ward 9 - York Centre
Telephone: 416-392-4021

Monte Kwinter
Member of Provincial Parliament for York Centre
Telephone: 416-630-0080

Ian A. McDougall
Canadian Air & Space Museum

Seen in the picture is the Canadian Air and Space Museum's Arrow replica, loving built from scratch by Museum volunteers for Canadians to enjoy, and help them to revisit our glorious aviation past that was Avro Canada. Bombardier Canada, the other Canadian aviation success story has some very interesting aircraft displays at the Museum.

Friday, September 23, 2011

:::: AMERICANS, go around buildings…

AS WE REMEMBERED the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 this month, and the needless loss of thousands of American civilians, people who were not combatants, we also remember those nations that have a long history of acting honourably on the world stage (America, etc).

Simultaneously, we note there are other nations, or peoples, who also have a long history.

But, of dishonour. Of treachery. Of civilian murder and civilian brutality.

15 of the 19 9/11 hi-jackers were Saudi-Arabians.

Earlier this year, United Arab Emirates airline demanded flight-route access to every major Canadian city, in order to compete directly against Canadian-based airlines! No—I'm NOT kidding you!! When Harper's government refused to grant that privilege…Canada was then told by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to vacate Camp Mirage. Mirage was the Canadian Forces base in the Middle-East for supporting Canadian Forces active in Afghanistan.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently threatened to sue various Canadian TV stations for running Ethical Oil ads which denounce the purchase of Saudi-Arabian oil based on that country's horrendous human rights track record. The ads which are based on facts related through Ezra Levant's book, 'Ethical Oil' note that while processing oil from the oil sands in Alberta, which have a larger carbon footprint, impact on the environment is not the only measurement for one's consumer ethics.

How does a country treat its citizens? How are their women treated? Their minorities? Does the nation in question fight or aid terrorists on the world stage.

Saudi-Arabia FAILS in every category but the environmental one.

To process Canadian oil, some additional refining (more energy is consumed) is needed.

So, is the minor impact on the environment OR the major impact on humanity—more important to you?

CTV pulled their 'Ethical Oil' ads after receiving a threatening letter from 'the Kingdom's' legal representatives.

SUN Media and the Oprah Winfrey Network continue to run the ads.

The Government of Canada is now investigating the recent actions of the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia and their success in stifling the free speech of Canadians.

Ezra Levant (you gotta love that guy) has the the full scoops, from Blazing Cat Fur and Kathy Shaidle:

And the update:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

CIAS 2011 :::THE A-10 WARTHOG comes to HOGTOWN

SHE'S A BEAUTY—but she's deadly!

THE A-10 was designed AROUND the GAU-8 Avenger which is basically a 30mm cannon/Gattling gun. Think an impressive 3,900 rounds a minute! Think bye-bye tank, armoured carrier, or column of vehicles. Think Operation Odyssey Dawn and bye-bye Libyan ground forces.

A-10s are famous for taking out enemy supply lines—in 1 to two second canon bursts! That's all it takes.They pounce on and pound their victims!

The A-10 has 1,200 pounds of armour and can fly even after being heavily damaged.

Remember Kim Campbell (not Canada's laughable PrIme Minister) but the USAF female pilot whose A-10 sustained incredible damage during the 2003 invasion of Iraq? With one engine gone on her A-10, her hydraulics gone, she still flew for over an hour in this condition and made it home.


The stubby wings are clipped for incredible manoeuvrability at low heights and at low speed.

The A-10—I thought I was watching flew around a 50 foot building, disappeared, and then was on top of us startled photographers—before we could fire off a shot. A camera shot that is!

I said to everyone there, that if this had been war—we'd be done!

We all laughed—but one guy didn't.

I love this airplane. In my top 5 for sure.

You 'gotta love Toronto's Air Show for 2011!

Monday, September 5, 2011

::: CIAS 2011: V-22 Osprey taxis Midfield

SECOND OF TWO USMC Ospreys to visit Toronto for CIAS 2011.

I'm still see'in' the "84".

SEE: Directly BELOW—

The ROYAL CANADIAN NAVY could use a few of these. Hear Boeing has been showing these around in NOVA SCOTIA to the Feds.

First time for Boeing Ospreys to appear in a Canadian air show.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

CIAS 2011: TORONTO'S AIRSHOW starts Tomorrow - Your Education BEGINS Today!

TOMORROW THE VTOL V-22 OSPREY (inset) will make its first Canadian appearance at a Canadian air show, at CIAS 2011. Insider Jenny of CIAS, hinted about the V-22 being in this years line-up—and sure enough the Osprey's attendance has been confirmed.

If you attended school in Canada—as I did—once upon a time, you likely don't know a damn thing about the 40 year ago C a n a d i a n VTOL precursor to tomorrow's pre-show favourite. Canadian history classes at the high school level are filled with leftist teachers with typical leftist tales about political do-nothings WHILE ACTUAL Canadian achievers are condescendingly ignored.

Leftists have a fascination with dreamers, you know, instead of doers. Think Obama.

So here we go folks…

LONG BEFORE the tiltrotor V-22…there was the tiltwing Canadair VTOL CL-84.

Say what?

Starting in 1957 Canadair carried out research in military aircraft VTOL possibilities. Vertical takeoff and landing, for those not in the know.

By 1963, Canadair had the kinks worked out—and started the construction of three prototypes.

By 1965, on May 7, the first "84" flew at the hands of Canadair Chief Pilot Bill Longhurst.

The CANADAIR crowd loved its newest baby and referred to the CL-84 as the "84".

GENERAL DYNAMICS which had acquired Canadair during the CL-84 developmental process added the moniker "Dynavert".

Unfortunately, after 700 successful test flights (including one where the "84" ended up landing on the White House lawn!) and after rave reviews by over 40 international test pilots, Canada was not able to secure a single purchase order. Not even with its own Canadian Armed Forces!

The Canadair CL-84 Dynavert Project was subsequently scrapped in 1974.

One "84" crashed, and the other two ended up in Canadian museums.

CL-84, CX8402 (pictured above), was retired to the Canadian Aviation Museum (CAM) in Ottawa and sits right beside the remnants of an Avro Arrow. Have you had your irony supplements for today?

NOW, I don't know what you'll be seeing when the V-22 dazzles the CNE crowd—but I'll be seeing the "84".

That's the beauty about a country, and people, like the United States of America—Americans, I repeat AMERICANS don't ever throw away technological greatness, unlike Canada and Canadians whose history is filled with such frivolity.

The original CL-84 photo is mine (purchased) and the colourized treatment was also done by moi.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

CRASH! Geneseo!! Brampton Triplane (C-GDRI) NO MORE!!!

THANKFULLY THE PILOT, Joseph Auger, of Brampton Ontario, was relatively unhurt.

After a rough landing, on Saturday July 9, in which Mr. Auger's Fokker DR-1 Triplane (C-GDRI) did cartwheels through a New York cornfield, the lucky pilot was able to walk away from the crash with only a broken arm! In the 18 year history of the Geneseo Air Show there's only been one other crash. That too involved a World War I replica. A Fokker as well.

As fate would have it, the third accident at this airshow would happen the very next day, on Sunday and involved an Beechcraft Bonanza. That mishap was attributed to pilot error.

All right back to the tri-plane, which is, actually is, a replica.This replica made from Fokker plans was operated by Great War Flying Museum in Brampton. The Fokker Triplane had been participating in an re-enactment dogfight when suddenly the aircraft suffered an engine failure. The pilot was able to bring the plane down successfully…but as she was landing…its wheel snagged something, and then violently flipped over on impact.

The airplane is a complete write off.

The picture I have posted is from BETTER TIMES at last year's Brampton air show (Great War Flying Museum Open House and Fly-In) approximately 9 months ago.

Here's a crash photo:

Thank God, the pilot is all right…but it still remains a very sad loss of an absolutely fantastic airplane.

A flying replica this grand, this precisely detailed, is the result of thousands of hours of devoted work, both by its owner and Museum club members. Sad, indeed ~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

::: HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011::: The Arrow and Marc-André Valiquette

YOU KNOW that's the one thing about an air show, hardly anyone ever talks about—you just never know who's going to show up. Who…you may run into.

It's not just about the airplanes.

An air show is also about the people who attend. Some attendees will be the guy next door. Others, could be celebrities. Others, could be world-renowned collectors.… And, hey that's just who I ran into. Marc-André. Yes, that MA—the world's premier Avro ARROW collector! Marc-André Valiquette. Right there, at the show! If he doesn't have it—he's seen it!

SO if you also ran into Marc-André, you have have been able to buy any of his three Arrow books (the third in the series is in the pic above) and get them signed. Marc-André also has a very nice embroidered Avro Arrow sewable patch that he has designed, and has made available to the general public.

But folks, we're just scratching the surface here.

REMEMBER Marc-Andre is the world's premiere collector of all things Arrow and/or Avro (Canada).

This guy has the control yoke from Arrow 205!

And there it is in the pictures. That stick was the main drawer to Zura's flying office, the Arrow.

Just don't think for a minute that's the only Arrow part he owns! But it is DAMN significant, isn't it!!

After I held the 'stick' and was flying the Arrow high above Hamilton, Marc-André snapped me back to this world by telling me a secret about the Arrow that I didn't even know!!

I know that, in and of itself—that's kinda' hard to believe since I've been inhaling stuff about the Arrow ever since I was a newborn—but he shared an important secret with me that I captured in the above photos…but will remain mum about!

It affects Arrow collectors everywhere.

Ain't I, a *whistle, *whistle, !@#$~


And then Marc-André told me something that I had only dreamed about. That I hoped would somehow come true. And it has. It did.

There are a few collectors, outside of the regular Arrow collecting community who have, well, between them…about half an Arrow.

How could that be, you ask? Well, when you aren't married—you don't have a wife to answer to—and you can get away with stuff. You know, stuff like storing the front landing gear of one of the Arrows in your living room, keeping a Sparrow missile in your kitchen, etc. Before you know it‚ you've squirrelled away half the airplane on your property!

Now THAT is the kind of hoarding I like to see!

But, you better let him tell you that story…

Marc-André will be releasing his fourth and final book in his Destruction Of A Dream series about the demise of the Arrow and Avro Canada in the fall (the readership are cued for a round of applause at this point). THIS SERIES would be better described as the Encyclopedia of the Arrow! And remember each book is rendered simultaneously in both official languages of the Dominion of Canada, that is, in both French and English.

Marc-André Valiquette will be be promoting his fourth book when it is released this November.

MA has informed me that he will be going on tour with his Arrow parts, his books, and other Avro related artifacts starting in the fall.

MA will be giving his Arrow presentation next year at the Brampton Museum when it officially re-opens to the public. That opening should be in the spring, upon completion of its incredible two year restoration odyssy. Can't wait! Not only will Marc-André's Arrow presentation be great, once again, you never know who will show up at these things! Remember that.

Monday, July 18, 2011

::::: FUNNY, never did figure out…

what she was looking' at ~

::: HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011::: Here Comes Trouble!


The Belle makes a grand landing.

It ain't often CANADIANS get to see a real live B-17 at a Canadian air show. Hamilton was visited by two!!

Very few people know that the RCAF took on strength and operated six B-17s in bare-metal finish during WW II!



"The Hurricane Mk 4 of Vintage Wings of Canada is painted in the markings of RAF 6 Squadron, “The Flying Tin Openers”, which operated the Hurry in the “tank- busting” and ground attack role. Many Canadian pilots flew the cannon-equipped tank-buster variant with 6 Sqn. on operations in North Africa."

Last Mark Hawker Hurricane IV in existence!

::: HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011 :: FIREFLY Gets the Girl



THE HELLDIVER doesn't land so much as it belly flops…

(just kidding)

Cool Naval airplane.

And the ONLY ONE still flying today! Comes to the Hamilton Air Show in CANADA to usher in Hamilton's return to the air show world.

What the readership may not know is that CANADA made Curtis SBW-1 Helldivers during WW II at our Canadian Car and Foundry plant in Fort William, Ontario. The first one rolled out of the factory on July 29, 1943.

HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011: RCAF Harvards and the BCATP

ASK CANADIANS about the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and they haven't got a clue.

HOWEVER it was under the BCATP in WW II that Canada grew up as a nation. We would never be the same again.

CANADA, a nation of only 11 million at the time…was entrusted with training the air power arm of the British Commonwealth. So from all over the globe British subjects came to Canada—and left as trained airmen to fill up positions in the squadrons of the RAF and the RCAF (6th Group).

It was Canada's greatest test as a nation. And we passed it graciously. It was Canada's finest hour!

WINSTON CHURCHILL called Canada the "linchpin of the Commonwealth". Without Canada supplying trained airmen, without the Canadian Army stomping all over Europe, without the Canadian Navy keeping the supply lines to Great Britain open, and without the efforts of the Canadian Merchant Marine—the British Commonwealth would have unravelled.

Four hundred years of history and heritage would have been lost.

The leftist wingnuts can read and rant all about Louis Riel—but my Canadian history books start with WW II and the BCATP and end in 1962 with the formal death of Avro Canada.

TWO SUMMERS ago my neighbour came over to borrow a book on gardening. As he perused my mighty book collection he noticed a book on Canadian history.

"Hey Arrow, somebody has vandalized your book, here. Seriously, man!"

"Someone has ripped out like about three quarters of its pages! Who would brutalize a book like this?"

"A true Canadian" —I responded.

"Care to explain this?!"


(If you don't get it now, you never will)


British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) springs to life again at the Hamilton Air Show 2011!

I thoroughly enjoyed the HARVARDS. My dad (deceased) in his early RCAF years spent a lot of time with these 'yellow birds'. So a son comes to an air show to remember a father who never failed to take him to an air show—every single summer.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

USAAF's 'Memphis Belle' arrives in style: HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011

YOU'LL HAVE TO WRITE your own commentary—I'm too tired!

I will say this.

Very few people know that the RCAF took on strength and operated six B-17s in bare-metal finish during WW II!

'nuff, said—

Saturday, June 25, 2011

HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011: Babe and the B-17!

HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011: Babes and Warbirds!

HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011: :::The Present Contemplates the Past :..::..

:::The Present Contemplates the Past :..::..

DISINTERESTED BUDDY had no idea his girlfriend knew so much about BALL-TURRETS on a B-17G!

Now—you know!

<<<:: The MAKO SHARK ::>>>

The JET AIRCRAFT MUSEUM (JAM) came to the air show and brought their 'new' Mako Shark T-33.

KIDS loved this 'T'!

Some kids (as you can see) really understood the Mako Shark.

Monday, June 20, 2011

When it was all said and done ::: The HAMILTON AIR SHOW (2011)…

…was a lotta' fun—

TOO LONG has ::: the HAMILTON AIR SHOW ::: been gone from the scene.

Previously run by a third party, the immensely popular regional air show became a losing venture. So it had to end. Once the middleman took his cut, there wasn't much left for the museum.

AND that—just wasn't right.

So the CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE MUSEUM did what it always does…MADE THINGS RIGHT! It took over the event, it took back control, and hosted its own air show!

Proceeds will go to CWH this time. As they should. What great work they do keeping Canadian history alive!!!

Great job Warplane!!

I had an EXCELLENT time!

For those who DIDN'T go…we don't hate ya', we'll just never forgive ya' ~

Friday, June 17, 2011

::: HAMILTON AIR SHOW 2011 :: June 18 -19


• Canadian Memorial Flight (Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane)
• Mock dogfight by World War I replica aircraft
• Aerobatic act of Bill Carter including his trademark inverted & knife edge ribbon cut (Pitts S2S)
• Salute to the British Commonwealth Training Plan by Tiger Moth, Stearman, Cornell, Finch and up to a 10-plane Harvard formation
• HEAVY BOMBER FORMATION of Lancaster, two B-17 Flying Fortresses & B-25 Mitchell
• Formation of two rare Canadian Lysanders
• Hamilton Sport Parachute Club skydivers
• Canadian Harvard Aerobatic Team
• Many rare World War II aircraft including Helldiver, P-40 Warhawk, Firefly, Corsair & P-51 Mustang
• Victoria Cross Flight (Lancaster, Canso, Corsair)
• Almost 20 additional static aircraft on ground display
PLUS aircraft rides, flight simulators, food vendors & souvenirs available onsite


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JAN BURTON: Self-Directed Flight 621 Researcher

A LOT OF AIR CANADA DC-8 artifacts take a little research to identify original form and function.

Rarely do any scream Douglas DC-8.

Even more rarely would any pieces of DC-8…that we find…be READILY identifiable by the general public.

Well—here's one.

Everyone knows what this is…what this was.

JAN BURTON found this only a week ago…

It is the air conditioning nozzle that can be found right beside the overhead lamp that is available to all passengers from the comfort of their seats. AIR CANADA DC-8s had two interior styles. The Second Douglas Jetliner Interior, or the update, placed these air nozzles ABOVE the passenger seats. In the original Air Canada DC-8s the air nozzles were found in the seat backside, directly, in front of you.

Friday, June 10, 2011

MIKE MENTZER: Deceased, 10 Years Ago Today

BODYBUILDINGS GREATEST LOSS…so many would say when he stopped competing after the 1980 Mr. Olympia. But Mike, Mr. Heavy Duty, went on to dazzle the weightlifting masses with his controversial training plans. Fit for Life is loosely based on Mentzer's HEAVY DUTY™ System. Less is more. 45 minutes a day in the gym, 4X a week. Not three hours a day, six days a week, like Arnold and the 'boys'. Later on, Mike trained Dorian Yates who went on to become Mr Olympia for 6 years running.

Mike was born and raised in Pennsylvania, by mom and dad, who were Mennonite descendants! And Mike, himself, was ex-USAF!

I met Mike and talked to him almost 31 years ago which was captured in the picture on the left at Vic Tanny's SUPERFITNESS in Rexdale, Ontario.


I wasn't putting on much size or weight, was somewhat at a standstill…until I met Mike here and purchased the first draft of his training programme. A little over a year later, I was thirty pounds heavier, and had problems sleeping because my arms were too big! Mike's intense, highly disciplined system didn't work for everybody—but it worked for me!

Ten years ago today June 10, 2001 Mike finished filming his new DVD, Mike Mentzer's HIT (High Intensity Training) Exercise Video (with Markus Reinhardt). Mr HEAVY DUTY™ was dead a few hours later! Mike, an avid fitness and philosophical writer, was found slumped over his typewriter by his bodybuilding brother, Ray.

Sadly, Ray also died two days later from complications of Berger's Disease!

The Mentzer's took the bodybuilding world by storm when they arrived, and yet again when they died suddenly in 2001. RIP Mentzer brothers—

UPDATE: Accidentally DELETED my original post which WAS uploaded on June 10, 2011.

New MENTZER photo generous courtesy of famed bodybuilding photographer, Garry Bartlett. Garry took the RIGHT SHOT , which I think was one of the best Mentzer photos ever —when Mike competed in an IFBB event in Montreal in 1979.

(left photo taken, by me, with a horrendous Agfa 110!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

:: Collide ...

WHEN THE TORONTO ARGOS crash and burn this year (and they will crash and burn)…remember…there's always the cheerleaders…

Friday, May 20, 2011

THE RUNNER STUMBLES: Arnold and Maria…better times in Toronto—30 years ago

TAKEN IN REXDALE, sometime mid 1980, at Vic Tannys, in the very same plaza that William Shatner shot one of his famous commercials for Loblaws. And this plaza was across the street, and down the hill from the former secretive Briarcrest mansion—the last hold-out of the Arrow and Avro Canada.

The 80s. Weightlifting. Health food. Girls. Not enough, girls.

No matter.

Heady days indeed, even, for me.

But this piece is about Arnold—not me.

Even 30 years ago Arnold was no stranger to controversy. At this bodybuilding event, Arnold announced he could come back and beat anybody, anybody, in the highly competitive world of bodybuilding with only 6 weeks of training. Everyone, some very serious bodybuilders were in attendance, became instantly enraged! To Arnold's delight. Soon derogatory comments were hurled back at Arnold. Even more to Arnold's delight. Rarely have I seen Canadians act in such unison. Schwarzenegger had long retired from the barbell scene five years previous, when he had won his 5th, and final Mr Olympia.

Still, the rumors started.


Was Arnold coming back? Would he compete in the 1980 Mr Olympia? Arnie had been seen training but that was for one of his cheesy movies right? Right?!?!? And why was the Austrian Oak pumping iron all covered up—so no one could see what he looked like?

True to form Arnold did come back 12 weeks later—and he did win his sixth Olympia!

Everyone said the contest was rigged.

Mike Mentzer, who had won the Mr Universe contest, the previous year, with a perfect score of 300 (which has never been done since) swore he would never compete in bodybuilding again. There was no way Arnold should have beaten Mike. And although everyone tried to reason with Mike about the unfairness of life etc., true to his word he walked away from the sport, and never. Competed. Again.

The scandalosa would be re-visited through the years, but when Mike's brother Ray became quite sick and was near death, Arnold called the hospital and told Ray that if he needed anything— Arnold would get it for him. And for a while Ray's health stabilized.

The road to healing had begun—Arnold and Mike even talked on the phone a few times after Mike found out about Arnold's generous overture to his brother.

Life was good again.

Will Maria and Arnold make it back from the abyss? Can their marriage be saved?

One thing is sure—forgiveness is a direction.

And THAT is the hand that Maria will have to play out—it's all up to her now, and no one else—

And another thing is sure—Arnold's 'rendezvous days' are over—Maria can't go back to that, he'll be on a tight leash from here on in.

Arnold has to decide if he can actually do that~

(Here the happy couple is pictured together in Toronto…about five years before they married)

(photo taken, by me, with a horrendous Agfa 110!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

FLIGHT 621 Crash Site: And so it begins…

…the process to develop the former crash site of Air Canada FLIGHT 621 where 109 passengers and crew lost their lives when their four-engine Air Canada "Stretch" DC-8 crashed into a Brampton farmer's field.

When the field has been developed, an irregular Flight 621 cemetery will be located right over the crash point (where the airplane went nose-first into the ground), a memorial gardens dedicated to the ill-fated flight for the victim's families will be in place, and a park for visitors will have been established .

Barb Winckler, FRIENDS of FLIGHT 621, walks the lower end of the site's perimeter fence.

This is a double fence which has hay bales filling in the centre?!?!

Flight 621 was a connoisseur flight of Air Canada's that flew Montreal-Toronto-Los Angeles (YUL-YYZ-LAX).

Saturday, May 14, 2011

FLIGHT 621: Brampton's WORST AIR DISASTER marked off

WELL, THERE IS no mistaking it now. Flight 621's crash site and the crash arena are now clearly marked and fenced in.

And the crash site is within the developer's site which is also now surrounded by a developer's site fence.

The bottom end of the field has a very bizarre double fence which I will show you soon enough.

Tomorrow I meet with the Brampton Fire Department Headquarters to discuss my most recent field finds which are related to their firefighting work of 41 years ago.

The bulk of the crash was contained within the fenced off area. I talked to an OPP officer who was given this eastern section to catalogue. He found human remains even this far from the impact point.

There was a torso of a male teenager that was found even farther away however, 1100 feet from the DC-8's ground impact point. The forces of destruction which come into play, in a crash of this magnitude, are just incredible—and merciless.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

:::TORONTO HISTORY::: Destruction of a Dream: The Tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow.

AS I MENTIONED last week, Marc-André Valiquette's 3rd book…in his four book series…about Avro Canada, the illustrious Arrow, the mighty Orenda Iroquois etc., entitled Seeds of Suspicion can be found at AVIATION WORLD on Carlingview Road in Toronto, sometime, during the first week of April.

SEEDS OF SUSPICION covers the final weeks of the Avro Arrow and Orenda Iroquois programs, right up to Black Friday, February 20, 1959.

Marc-André Valiquette is perhaps Canada's most famous AVRO CANADA collector and now he is sharing his fine collection of rare artifacts, advertisements, memorabilia, and photos…with the Canadian public through this four volume series of books.

In this, new for 2011, THIRD VOLUME expect hundreds of new Arrow photos, one's that have not been published widely before this release!

And you can read Marc-André's commentary in French, or English!

For your Canadian convenience—HIS BOOKS are Bi-Lingual!

So burn down, your town!

Get on the blower…call Aviation World: 416-674-5959 to reserve your copy!

'nuff, said!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New "AVRO ARROW" Book for 2011!

WELL TODAY, March 25, 2011 is the launch of iPad 2 in Canada.

More importantly though is what is happening TOMORROW in Canada.

Tomorrow on March 26, 2011 Marc-André Valiquette is releasing his 3rd book in his four book series…about Avro Canada and the illustrious Arrow, entitled Seeds of Suspicion.

Now, let me stop right here.

If you haven't purchased Volumes 1 and 2 of this series, you are missing out on quite a lot!

Marc-André has put together a great series here…about Avro and the Arrow. There are almost a THOUSAND RARE photographs included in the already released two volumes of this series!

MANY of these photos, I had never seen before!

And that is saying a lot!!!

Marc-André has even included National Steel Car and Victory Aircraft Ltd. photos. Both aircraft manufacturers were based out of Malton, and were the precursors to Avro Aircraft of Canada. In fact, when Avro Canada was formed in December of 1945, they acquired the million square feet of manufacturing facilities from Victory Aircraft Ltd, which had already replaced National Steel Car.

Four short years later, Avro Canada had produced the all-Canadian C-102 Jetliner, which, in my opinion was the first jet airliner to fly! The deHavilland Comet "hopped" down an English runway 13 days previous to Toronto's Jetliner, but the DH Comet wasn't taken into the air! Not when the press was there! After the hops, the DH Comet returned to the apron. The press was told no further "flights" were possible. That was Wednesday morning, July 27, 1949. Later, in the evening, the Comet came out for an additional flaps-down hop. Then, while the press was writing the first flight "hops" story, the Comet actually flew for 31 minutes—with no press in attendance!

Rumour has that De-Havilland performed this "hops stunt" because they knew that Malton's Jetliner was close to being ready for its maiden flight. No telling how soon. Being the first in the air, with the world's first jet-engined passenger airliner was a highly coveted honour, so the Comet hopped down the manufacturer's runway to secure that accolade.

On its first flight, the Avro Jetliner came out and deliberately flew around Toronto skies for over an hour…it flew folks…it didn't hop! Avro Canada didn't even think about hopping their aircraft. The Canadian C-102 Jetliner didn't accidentally fly as an afterthought…it roared right into the air without hesitation! With the press in attendance.

But, I digress, folks…you'll see lots of the Avro Canada Jetliner in Marc-André books! No need for me to tell any part of that story here.

Also in one of Marc-André volumes there is a pic of an ad from my dad's company, Garrett Manufacturing of Canada! Garrett had published an ad congratulating themselves on their participation in the CF-105 Avro Arrow program!

Mr Valiquette has included everything in his two 100 page book volumes. Lots of stuff, others haven't included in their Arrow books. And Marc-André related the Avro Canada story, both in English and in French! His books are BI-LINGUAL

Yup, the Jet Lancaster even appears in the first book! Doubt, no more. Several pictures of that bird…so I am vindicated. The C-102 Jetliner and CF-100 programmes are nicely covered. The PS-13 Orenda Iroquois engine program is there in all its glory. The laughable Bomarc Missile, Diefenbaker's replacement for the Arrow, is also covered by Marc-André.


Far too much to list.

And NOW, the third volume, Seeds of Suspicion has been released!

Get it!

AVIATION WORLD in TO, near YYZ, will soon have it!

Marc-André Valiquette is perhaps the most famous AVRO CANADA collector worldwide and now he is sharing that fine collection of rare artifacts, advertisements, memorabilia, and photos with the Canadian public through this four volume series of books.

Each book will run you between $20 - 25 Canadian.

Here's the official blurb:

THE SERIES IS BI-LINGUAL (a first – English and French) and tells the story of the Malton plant, from its birth in 1938 to its demolition in 2003 (also a first). The series is entitled: "Destruction of a dream, the tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow".

- The first volume A. V. Roe Canada’s “Per Ardua Ad Astra”, recounts the rise of the company, from its birth as National Steel Car up to the manufacturing of the CF-105 Arrow. The subjects covered include Second World War achievements, post-war adaptation, Jetliner, CF-100, CF-103 and the start of the CF-105 project (96 pages).

- The second volume Supersonic Dreams – At the dawn of a new era, is dedicated to the Arrow, from its rollout to the RCAF’s acquisition of the Bomarc missile (96 pages).

- The third volume Seeds of Suspicion, deals with the last weeks of the Arrow project until “Black Friday” (Launch March 26th 2011, 104 pages).

- The fourth and final volume, Master in our own House?, discusses the project cancellation, the destruction of aircraft, engines and materials, post-Arrow projects, “Avroites” reunions and work at the Malton plant, including Orenda, until its demolition in 2003 (Launch Fall 2011, 128 pages).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RECOGNITION eludes Toronto Area CASM artist…but Donald Trump knows what to do!


THIS UNKNOWN ILLUSTRATOR should be famous. Look at the detail in that Canadair Sabre.

This is AMAZING work! His illustrations can be found at the CANADIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM located at 65 Carl Hall Road in Downsview, Toronto. The museum is located across from Bombardier Aerospace Toronto.

55 YEARS AGO this Canadian-made (under license) Sabre was beating up Toronto skies under the Toronto based RCAF 400 SQN banner, taking to the skies, from right there, in Downsview.

No more.

The LIBERAL PARTY of Canada has been gutting the Canadian military since the hippie-dippy sixties. Soon Canada will be reduced to defending Canadian soil with kites and canoes; you know like we did back in the 1700s!

For the longest time, the United States of America has been guarding Canadian airspace. Sure CAF CF-188 Hornets intercept Russian bombers that approach Canada from international airspace, and just skirt our border…but if there was trouble, who would respond? It would be the might of America, and Canadian Forces units would dovetail in with America's response. Does that sound like independence to you?

FRANCE which has roughly double the population of Canada (at 65 million) is the World's Third Superpower behind the USA and Russia. The reader needs to really ponder that fact.

France has aircraft carriers, missiles, bombers, warships, submarines, thousands of fighters, and nuclear bombs…to protect its tiny (in comparison to Canada) land mass. And its sovereignty.

Canada has luck.

Or Canada goes hat in hand, to America's doorstep, to ensure ongoing Canadian freedom. Ever since the Cold War years. Disgusting.

There is NO REASON we (CANADA) can't be just like France.

Independent, by our own resolve.

I see some Y-35s and some new mark Arrows that need to be built.

The LIBERAL PARTY of Canada frittered away CANADIAN SOVEREIGNTY a long time ago.

Canada doesn't need a smaller military…we need one about 10X its' present size!

I like presidential hopefuls, THE DONALD, or Allen West, for 2012.

DONALD TRUMP, who is hawkish on the military, has stated that countries which rely on American military might…need to pay for it! Apparently, the non-business type clobberheads in the present, and recent past, American administrations have been giving away American military assistance for free!! All, on the American taxpayer's dime!!!

Prosperous oil or mineral rich countries that COULD EASILY pay for the American military intervention they got…were never asked to pay up!!!

Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, South Korea, South Vietnam, Afghanistan etc. or CANADA (yes, CANADA!) have never been asked to pay their FAIR SHARE!

Users, abusers, and losers, I say.

America came to Great Britain's and Russia's aid in WW II, but the Brits and Russians had to eventually pay for all that military support and hardware received through the Lend-Lease programme.

FYI…CANADA was never under the Lend-Lease programme.

In WW II, CANADIANS paid up front for military equipment, or produced it ourselves, and gave it away FOR FREE to the people of Great Britain in their hour of need. Here's some Hawker Hurricanes produced in Fort William, Ontario…courtesy of the city of Oshawa, for ya'…to aid the British war effort. Here's million Lee-Enfield rifles. Load them on the ships, and send' em over boys. Now, you get the picture.

You mean a glorious nation like Great Britain was charged back then, and some of these scrub nations of today, haven't been?!?!


Are you #%$@&*^ kiddin' me?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The AVRO ARROW Mark 5 : What SHOULD Have Been…

A CANADIAN DEFENDER for Canadian skies.A CANADIAN DEFENDER for Canadian skies.

PICTURED is a Mark 5 Arrow from the CAF, not RCAF (unfortunately), from 409 (Nighthawk) Squadron based in Comox, BC.

Yes…what should have been~

THE ILLUSTRATION is from an unknown Canadian aviation artist who has created a lot of fantastic SIDE-VIEW illustrations of just about everything that has donned the RCAF or CAF roundel. I added "movement" to the Arrow and a dimmed-out RCAF roundel (in the background) from another work he also created.

Who is the mystery artist?

Don't know.

Unlike EVERY OTHER ARTIST alive…he doesn't sign his stuff!

Some of his creations can be found at the CANADIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM located at 65 Carl Hall Road in Downsview, Toronto. The museum is located across from Bombardier Aerospace Toronto.

Check out the museum…home of a life-sized Arrow…and check out the museum's ultrafine gift shop. There you can purchase illustrations by this featured, unknown artist, and lots of other rare Canadian aviation stuff!

Remember the Avro Arrow, powered by her two homegrown Orenda Iroquois engines, would have been the most advanced interceptor of her time in 1959. And remember, she was designed, created, and screeched through Toronto skies…back in that illustrious day!

Most of the engineers from AVRO AIRCRAFT OF CANADA Ltd. went south when the Arrow and Iroquois engine programmes were cancelled—and made significant contributions to NASA. They helped put America in space.

In order to reduce mounting costs…the USAF offered to provide the weapons systems for all existing 27 Arrows, free of charge, IF the Canadian government would keep the two cutting-edge programmes afloat.

John G. Diefenbaker, then Prime Minister of Canada, said no.

Curtis-Wright of the USA ordered 12,000! Orenda Iroquois engines from Avro Canada.

Diefenbaker cancelled the order and told them to forget it. His government also cancelled the French Air Force's order of 300 Orenda Iroquois engines.

The USAF then offered to buy FIVE existing Arrows from the Canadian government's inventory, shortly after the two programmes were simultaneously cancelled on February 20, 1959.

The Canadian government NEVER ANSWERED that tabled offer from the USAF.

So much for all those conspiracy theories that really dumb (loads of) Canadians believe about America sabotaging the Arrow.

America tried to save the Arrow and Orenda! MANY TIMES!!

I can't tell you how many spooky Canadians whisper, "it was those Americans" whenever the demise of the Arrow is discussed. I know Canada is a free country and all… and it's your democratic right to remain stupid…but certainly, after a while, it should be embarrassing to you when the facts absolutely negate your anti-American sentiments.

Like Jim Floyd, former Vice President of Avro Aircraft Canada (hey—remember JIm?), has said repeatedly, about who is at fault for the demise of the Arrow and Iroquois,

"We (Canadians) did it (killed the projects) to ourselves."

Saturday, February 26, 2011


THE CBC WAS INTERVIEWING Avro Canada employees at the end of their final shifts. The day? February 20, 1959. In the morning, Prime Minister John G Diefenbaker announced in the House of Commons that the Arrow and Iroquois programmes were cancelled, and Avro Canada president, Crawford Gordon, promptly fired everyone at Avro that afternoon. No airplane or jet engine, to build…no work!

No one blamed Crawford Gordon for the firings.

EVERYONE blamed Dief, including this Canadian blonde bombshell captured by the CBC interviewer. I looped the clip for 3X play since it is so short.

WHO WAS this Canadian wonder woman?

I wonder if anybody out there in cyberspace knows who she was?? Curious.

She got it. And she sent her thoughts right up to the Prime Minister.

But Dief was arrogant.

A Jack. Stupid. Ass.

So he plowed ahead like every idiot would…throwing good business advice to the wind…because…well, he knew better. And so he destroyed Avro Aircraft of Canada Limited.

The blonde woman typifies CANADIAN WOMEN in general.

Here's YOUR debriefing:

"SWEET GIRLS come from the south, Barbies come from California, but Canadian girls have fire and ice in our blood. We can drive in snow and mud, handle the cold, beat the heat, be a princess, throw a right hook and drink with the boys! We can cook a wickedly good meal and if we have an opinion... You bet your ass your gonna hear it!!!"
(Janice Gattie)

And now, you know!

©1959 CBC

Sunday, February 20, 2011

THE ARROW isn't coming back, folks…

AND NEITHER IS the Orenda Iroquois PS-13…

"IT'S THE CLOSET THING CANADIAN INDUSTRY has to a love story and a murder mystery.

THE AVRO ARROW, a sleek white jet interceptor developed in Malton, Ontario in the 1950's, could have been many things. It might have become the fastest plane in the world, Canada's best defence against Soviet bombers, the catalyst to propel Canada to the forefront of the aviation industry. Instead, it became a $400-million pile of scrap metal, and the stuff of legends.

Not long after the 1958 start of its flight test program, the development of the Arrow (including its Orenda Iroquois jet engines) was abruptly and controversially halted before the project review had taken place, sparking a long and bitter political debate.

The controversy engendered by the cancellation and subsequent destruction of the aircraft in production, remains a topic for debate among historians, political observers and industry pundits. "This action effectively put Avro out of business and its highly skilled engineering and production personnel scattered...

The incident was a traumatic one... and to this day, many mourn the loss of the Avro Arrow."

Cancelled February 20th, 1959…52 YEARS and counting…

Sunday, February 13, 2011

FLIGHT 621 ::: The Lost Photographs

FOR THE LONGEST TIME, I thought the Terry Waddington photo was the only photo in existence that captured CF–TIW, the Air Canada Stretch DC-8 that crashed in a Castlemore farmer's field on July 5, 1970.

But…I was wrong.

There were two other photographs taken of the ill-fated aircraft. On the very day of the accident!

The Terry Waddington photo was taken just a month or two before the aircraft was delivered to Air Canada. That photo, which is the top photo depicted here, shows us the brand-new Air Canada DC-8 (tail fin number 878) Canadian registration CF-TIW doing engine run ups amongst a host of other pre-delivery DC-8s at the old Long Beach, California McDonnell Douglas aircraft plant.

But, back to the other photographs…

Apparently, a travellor racing along in a cab on his way to the airport (somewhere in the northeast corner of Mississauga) snapped two photographs of the disintegrating Air Canada DC-8—just as it was beset with three explosions, and just as it really started to break apart. Timeline about 25 seconds before it actually crashed.

After these photographs were taken of the fatal flight, the photographer knowing he had captured something significant…turned them over to the proper authorities, likely the RCMP, when he arrived at Toronto International Airport in Malton.

One problem though—nobody knew where the hell he had taken them from! And no one thought to ask the photographer before he departed on his flight!

I mean…where was the racing cab barrelling along, where was it actually located, when the telltale photos were snapped? Back in the 70s, it was rare for folk to be walking around with a camera! Not like today! On top of that, it was even rarer for photos to be taken of an airliner moments before it crashed. It takes a certain presence of mind, and a steady hand to capture such a horrific and fast-moving event. It's there…and seconds later it's gone. And camera settings were not automatic, back then! Let's remember the skill level involved, shall we?

Of course, everyone remembers the ominous grainy photo of a 180 degree banked, sideways flying American Airlines DC-10 ( Flight 191) as it passed over the terminal at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, only seconds before it crashed. I mean that photo was famous! And here, we have not one, but two(!) photos of an airliner in crash sequence and these never make it to the Toronto papers, were kept secret at the time, now can't be found, and no one even knows where to look!

Oh, the secrecy! In Canada with our multiple layers of worthless bureaucracy, it isn't enough to say the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing…it's more serious than that! It is more accurate to say the right-handed thumb, doesn't know what the right-handed index finger is doing!!

Anyway, before I lose my marbles at the sheer stupidity of that fact which is resettling in on me, and before my BP reading goes right off the dial…lets return to the subject of the missing Flight 621 photos.

Mississauga Roads and Construction with copies of the photos in hand, were sent out to determine the exact spot the photographs were taken from. The photographs were incredibly important to the crash investigators, because miraculously, these photographs were able to certify, beyond any doubt, investigators assumptions that three explosions had indeed taken place aboard the struggling airplane moments before it crashed in Castlemore, Ontario.

The diagram in the lower right-hand part of the book page was created from the two, now missing photos. Investigators noted that the three explosions were visible within the photos as "puffs of smoke".

Engine #3 is seen separating and falling to the ground, followed thereafter by the starboard wingtip, and finally joined by Fuel tank #4's upper plating. Then the still brand-new DC-8 crashed. I've taken the liberty of adding Air Canada DC-8s to the diagram, in the approximate position and angle, the photographer would have captured the crashing airplane in—for the benefit of the reader.

One final mystery remains to this day. No two! Who was THAT photographer? And where the hell are these photographs today?

We have the diagram…but we don't have the photos!

That—could only happen in Canada!


How did the stewardesses, look back in 1970? SEE:

The FLIGHT 621 stewardesses had these exact uniforms with one noted exception. Some of the stewardesses on board that day, the day of the crash, would have had the Galaxy-themed uniforms which would be the same style, but they would be blue in colour, not Air Canada red! CF-TIW was a Galaxy-themed DC-8.

(As with all my articles…this is a first post that will be revised several times in the weeks and months ahead.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

FLIGHT 621: the LAST WINTER (2011) of the DIASPORA

HOMES SPROUTING UP all 'round the 621 Field…

You knew it had to happen one day. And that day swiftly approaches…and for better, or worse…development will steamroller its way through the hallowed 621 field in only a few months. Yes, in this forgotten field where 109 people, strangers to each other, died, together, in 1970.

But that impending development is for the better, folks.

The skeletal remains of these unfortunate victims can still be found in the field. But by spring…that will…no longer be the case. Thankfully.

The three acres of topsoil containing most of these human remains will be gathered up…and entombed in a FLIGHT 621 Cemetery that will be located right at the crash point.

Right where AIR CANADA'S DC-8's nose entered the ground.

I pause, as I have so often before…and snippets of the victims lives, the part of their lives that I have come to know about, race through my head. And I see the faces. Even in the bitter cold and the silence, there is time for that.

I share some thoughts with the Great God, who is always present. And I release my sadness back to Him.

Otherwise, it would be too much for me, for anybody, to bear.

For many of the Flight 621 families who lost cherished ones, it has been just that. Too much too bear.

So often in death, we get lucky…we have a warning. We have time to spend with an ailing family member, or, friend. Time to mend things, time to say those things that need to be said, we have time to say our good-byes…and to let go.


With so many of the surviving family members of Flight 621…it is a feeling of being cheated.

So, if you go to the Flight 621 Cemetery in Castlemore, when it officially opens in 2012, bear that in mind.

You may run into family members. This is their place.

Most will want privacy. Some may want to talk. There is no roadmap. All you can do is discern in that very moment what is the loving thing to do, or be.

And if you're Catholic, like I am…that's all your religion, and your God is asking you to do. Has been asking you, your whole life—

God, is not as far away, as you think.

And your neighbour is, almost as close…

(The visible post coincidentally is at the most eastern edge of the crash arena. The treeline takes you down to ground zero)