Wednesday, June 15, 2011

JAN BURTON: Self-Directed Flight 621 Researcher

A LOT OF AIR CANADA DC-8 artifacts take a little research to identify original form and function.

Rarely do any scream Douglas DC-8.

Even more rarely would any pieces of DC-8…that we find…be READILY identifiable by the general public.

Well—here's one.

Everyone knows what this is…what this was.

JAN BURTON found this only a week ago…

It is the air conditioning nozzle that can be found right beside the overhead lamp that is available to all passengers from the comfort of their seats. AIR CANADA DC-8s had two interior styles. The Second Douglas Jetliner Interior, or the update, placed these air nozzles ABOVE the passenger seats. In the original Air Canada DC-8s the air nozzles were found in the seat backside, directly, in front of you.

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