Tuesday, March 29, 2011

:::TORONTO HISTORY::: Destruction of a Dream: The Tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow.

AS I MENTIONED last week, Marc-André Valiquette's 3rd book…in his four book series…about Avro Canada, the illustrious Arrow, the mighty Orenda Iroquois etc., entitled Seeds of Suspicion can be found at AVIATION WORLD on Carlingview Road in Toronto, sometime, during the first week of April.

SEEDS OF SUSPICION covers the final weeks of the Avro Arrow and Orenda Iroquois programs, right up to Black Friday, February 20, 1959.

Marc-André Valiquette is perhaps Canada's most famous AVRO CANADA collector and now he is sharing his fine collection of rare artifacts, advertisements, memorabilia, and photos…with the Canadian public through this four volume series of books.

In this, new for 2011, THIRD VOLUME expect hundreds of new Arrow photos, one's that have not been published widely before this release!

And you can read Marc-André's commentary in French, or English!

For your Canadian convenience—HIS BOOKS are Bi-Lingual!

So burn down, your town!

Get on the blower…call Aviation World: 416-674-5959 to reserve your copy!

'nuff, said!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New "AVRO ARROW" Book for 2011!

WELL TODAY, March 25, 2011 is the launch of iPad 2 in Canada.

More importantly though is what is happening TOMORROW in Canada.

Tomorrow on March 26, 2011 Marc-André Valiquette is releasing his 3rd book in his four book series…about Avro Canada and the illustrious Arrow, entitled Seeds of Suspicion.

Now, let me stop right here.

If you haven't purchased Volumes 1 and 2 of this series, you are missing out on quite a lot!

Marc-André has put together a great series here…about Avro and the Arrow. There are almost a THOUSAND RARE photographs included in the already released two volumes of this series!

MANY of these photos, I had never seen before!

And that is saying a lot!!!

Marc-André has even included National Steel Car and Victory Aircraft Ltd. photos. Both aircraft manufacturers were based out of Malton, and were the precursors to Avro Aircraft of Canada. In fact, when Avro Canada was formed in December of 1945, they acquired the million square feet of manufacturing facilities from Victory Aircraft Ltd, which had already replaced National Steel Car.

Four short years later, Avro Canada had produced the all-Canadian C-102 Jetliner, which, in my opinion was the first jet airliner to fly! The deHavilland Comet "hopped" down an English runway 13 days previous to Toronto's Jetliner, but the DH Comet wasn't taken into the air! Not when the press was there! After the hops, the DH Comet returned to the apron. The press was told no further "flights" were possible. That was Wednesday morning, July 27, 1949. Later, in the evening, the Comet came out for an additional flaps-down hop. Then, while the press was writing the first flight "hops" story, the Comet actually flew for 31 minutes—with no press in attendance!

Rumour has that De-Havilland performed this "hops stunt" because they knew that Malton's Jetliner was close to being ready for its maiden flight. No telling how soon. Being the first in the air, with the world's first jet-engined passenger airliner was a highly coveted honour, so the Comet hopped down the manufacturer's runway to secure that accolade.

On its first flight, the Avro Jetliner came out and deliberately flew around Toronto skies for over an hour…it flew folks…it didn't hop! Avro Canada didn't even think about hopping their aircraft. The Canadian C-102 Jetliner didn't accidentally fly as an afterthought…it roared right into the air without hesitation! With the press in attendance.

But, I digress, folks…you'll see lots of the Avro Canada Jetliner in Marc-André books! No need for me to tell any part of that story here.

Also in one of Marc-André volumes there is a pic of an ad from my dad's company, Garrett Manufacturing of Canada! Garrett had published an ad congratulating themselves on their participation in the CF-105 Avro Arrow program!

Mr Valiquette has included everything in his two 100 page book volumes. Lots of stuff, others haven't included in their Arrow books. And Marc-André related the Avro Canada story, both in English and in French! His books are BI-LINGUAL

Yup, the Jet Lancaster even appears in the first book! Doubt, no more. Several pictures of that bird…so I am vindicated. The C-102 Jetliner and CF-100 programmes are nicely covered. The PS-13 Orenda Iroquois engine program is there in all its glory. The laughable Bomarc Missile, Diefenbaker's replacement for the Arrow, is also covered by Marc-André.


Far too much to list.

And NOW, the third volume, Seeds of Suspicion has been released!

Get it!

AVIATION WORLD in TO, near YYZ, will soon have it!

Marc-André Valiquette is perhaps the most famous AVRO CANADA collector worldwide and now he is sharing that fine collection of rare artifacts, advertisements, memorabilia, and photos with the Canadian public through this four volume series of books.

Each book will run you between $20 - 25 Canadian.

Here's the official blurb:

THE SERIES IS BI-LINGUAL (a first – English and French) and tells the story of the Malton plant, from its birth in 1938 to its demolition in 2003 (also a first). The series is entitled: "Destruction of a dream, the tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF-105 Arrow".

- The first volume A. V. Roe Canada’s “Per Ardua Ad Astra”, recounts the rise of the company, from its birth as National Steel Car up to the manufacturing of the CF-105 Arrow. The subjects covered include Second World War achievements, post-war adaptation, Jetliner, CF-100, CF-103 and the start of the CF-105 project (96 pages).

- The second volume Supersonic Dreams – At the dawn of a new era, is dedicated to the Arrow, from its rollout to the RCAF’s acquisition of the Bomarc missile (96 pages).

- The third volume Seeds of Suspicion, deals with the last weeks of the Arrow project until “Black Friday” (Launch March 26th 2011, 104 pages).

- The fourth and final volume, Master in our own House?, discusses the project cancellation, the destruction of aircraft, engines and materials, post-Arrow projects, “Avroites” reunions and work at the Malton plant, including Orenda, until its demolition in 2003 (Launch Fall 2011, 128 pages).

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RECOGNITION eludes Toronto Area CASM artist…but Donald Trump knows what to do!


THIS UNKNOWN ILLUSTRATOR should be famous. Look at the detail in that Canadair Sabre.

This is AMAZING work! His illustrations can be found at the CANADIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM located at 65 Carl Hall Road in Downsview, Toronto. The museum is located across from Bombardier Aerospace Toronto.

55 YEARS AGO this Canadian-made (under license) Sabre was beating up Toronto skies under the Toronto based RCAF 400 SQN banner, taking to the skies, from right there, in Downsview.

No more.

The LIBERAL PARTY of Canada has been gutting the Canadian military since the hippie-dippy sixties. Soon Canada will be reduced to defending Canadian soil with kites and canoes; you know like we did back in the 1700s!

For the longest time, the United States of America has been guarding Canadian airspace. Sure CAF CF-188 Hornets intercept Russian bombers that approach Canada from international airspace, and just skirt our border…but if there was trouble, who would respond? It would be the might of America, and Canadian Forces units would dovetail in with America's response. Does that sound like independence to you?

FRANCE which has roughly double the population of Canada (at 65 million) is the World's Third Superpower behind the USA and Russia. The reader needs to really ponder that fact.

France has aircraft carriers, missiles, bombers, warships, submarines, thousands of fighters, and nuclear bombs…to protect its tiny (in comparison to Canada) land mass. And its sovereignty.

Canada has luck.

Or Canada goes hat in hand, to America's doorstep, to ensure ongoing Canadian freedom. Ever since the Cold War years. Disgusting.

There is NO REASON we (CANADA) can't be just like France.

Independent, by our own resolve.

I see some Y-35s and some new mark Arrows that need to be built.

The LIBERAL PARTY of Canada frittered away CANADIAN SOVEREIGNTY a long time ago.

Canada doesn't need a smaller military…we need one about 10X its' present size!

I like presidential hopefuls, THE DONALD, or Allen West, for 2012.

DONALD TRUMP, who is hawkish on the military, has stated that countries which rely on American military might…need to pay for it! Apparently, the non-business type clobberheads in the present, and recent past, American administrations have been giving away American military assistance for free!! All, on the American taxpayer's dime!!!

Prosperous oil or mineral rich countries that COULD EASILY pay for the American military intervention they got…were never asked to pay up!!!

Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, South Korea, South Vietnam, Afghanistan etc. or CANADA (yes, CANADA!) have never been asked to pay their FAIR SHARE!

Users, abusers, and losers, I say.

America came to Great Britain's and Russia's aid in WW II, but the Brits and Russians had to eventually pay for all that military support and hardware received through the Lend-Lease programme.

FYI…CANADA was never under the Lend-Lease programme.

In WW II, CANADIANS paid up front for military equipment, or produced it ourselves, and gave it away FOR FREE to the people of Great Britain in their hour of need. Here's some Hawker Hurricanes produced in Fort William, Ontario…courtesy of the city of Oshawa, for ya'…to aid the British war effort. Here's million Lee-Enfield rifles. Load them on the ships, and send' em over boys. Now, you get the picture.

You mean a glorious nation like Great Britain was charged back then, and some of these scrub nations of today, haven't been?!?!


Are you #%$@&*^ kiddin' me?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The AVRO ARROW Mark 5 : What SHOULD Have Been…

A CANADIAN DEFENDER for Canadian skies.A CANADIAN DEFENDER for Canadian skies.

PICTURED is a Mark 5 Arrow from the CAF, not RCAF (unfortunately), from 409 (Nighthawk) Squadron based in Comox, BC.

Yes…what should have been~

THE ILLUSTRATION is from an unknown Canadian aviation artist who has created a lot of fantastic SIDE-VIEW illustrations of just about everything that has donned the RCAF or CAF roundel. I added "movement" to the Arrow and a dimmed-out RCAF roundel (in the background) from another work he also created.

Who is the mystery artist?

Don't know.

Unlike EVERY OTHER ARTIST alive…he doesn't sign his stuff!

Some of his creations can be found at the CANADIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM located at 65 Carl Hall Road in Downsview, Toronto. The museum is located across from Bombardier Aerospace Toronto.

Check out the museum…home of a life-sized Arrow…and check out the museum's ultrafine gift shop. There you can purchase illustrations by this featured, unknown artist, and lots of other rare Canadian aviation stuff!

Remember the Avro Arrow, powered by her two homegrown Orenda Iroquois engines, would have been the most advanced interceptor of her time in 1959. And remember, she was designed, created, and screeched through Toronto skies…back in that illustrious day!

Most of the engineers from AVRO AIRCRAFT OF CANADA Ltd. went south when the Arrow and Iroquois engine programmes were cancelled—and made significant contributions to NASA. They helped put America in space.

In order to reduce mounting costs…the USAF offered to provide the weapons systems for all existing 27 Arrows, free of charge, IF the Canadian government would keep the two cutting-edge programmes afloat.

John G. Diefenbaker, then Prime Minister of Canada, said no.

Curtis-Wright of the USA ordered 12,000! Orenda Iroquois engines from Avro Canada.

Diefenbaker cancelled the order and told them to forget it. His government also cancelled the French Air Force's order of 300 Orenda Iroquois engines.

The USAF then offered to buy FIVE existing Arrows from the Canadian government's inventory, shortly after the two programmes were simultaneously cancelled on February 20, 1959.

The Canadian government NEVER ANSWERED that tabled offer from the USAF.

So much for all those conspiracy theories that really dumb (loads of) Canadians believe about America sabotaging the Arrow.

America tried to save the Arrow and Orenda! MANY TIMES!!

I can't tell you how many spooky Canadians whisper, "it was those Americans" whenever the demise of the Arrow is discussed. I know Canada is a free country and all… and it's your democratic right to remain stupid…but certainly, after a while, it should be embarrassing to you when the facts absolutely negate your anti-American sentiments.

Like Jim Floyd, former Vice President of Avro Aircraft Canada (hey—remember JIm?), has said repeatedly, about who is at fault for the demise of the Arrow and Iroquois,

"We (Canadians) did it (killed the projects) to ourselves."