Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dirge: ARROW Straight Through The Heart

We hoped it's not too late…

But folks, it's 50 YEARS too late.

For Avro. For Orenda. For Canada. For Canadians.

'nuff said—

HOMEMADE FILM captured from an airing of the Arrow's first flight. A remembrance of the Avro Arrow hosted by the City of Mississauga on Black Friday…50 years hence.

My doctor has NOW officially taken me off suicide watch…since the 50th Anniversary of Black Friday (project cancellation of Canada's Arrow) has passed. He tells me he won't be around for the 75th, but I should once again avail myself of all medical and community supports. As needed.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alyssa Kane: Sorrow for the Arrow

Alyssa Kane of the University of Connecticut finishes her twirling routine at the International Bowl in Toronto.

It was an impressive twirling performance at the Bowl…and WE KNOW Alyssia must have dedicated her finale to the, then upcoming, 50 Year Anniversary of Black Friday.

How could she not have? Everyone knows how Canadians feel about the Avro Canada debacle. And that as a fledgling nation in the 50s, we NEVER got over the disaster.

Alyssa Kane placed 4th in the College Miss Majorette of America 2008.

Friday, February 20, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY : Here's the Stooge!

YES LITTLE GIRL (far right)…you should be afraid…that's the stooge that cancelled the Arrow. And at this moment, he's running your country!!

Jack. Stupid. Ass.

Check out the eyebrows on that dummy. On that alone not a single Canadian should have voted this guy into office. Then look at that goofy smile.

"Dief" was voted out of office when Canadians realized the full extent of the Avro Canada blunder.

Too late, Canadians, too late.

I am John G. Diefenbaker…

I SAY NO TO: The Arrow!

I SAY NO TO: The Iroquois!

I SAY NO TO: Buying Canadian!

I SAY NO TO: BEING Canadian!

One life summed up.

Yup, February 20, 1959

PM John A. Diefenbaker cancelled the Avro Arrow Project in the Canadian Parliament, in the morning hours, on this date exactly 50 yrears ago.

And Crawford Gordon, President of A. V. Roe Canada and not one to be outdone, laid off every single Avro Canada employee in the afternoon.

All 13, 500 of them!

No aircraft to manufacture…no need for employees!

(Photo Credits: unknown)


THREE ARROWS and parts to complete a total of 37 of the All-Canadian Interceptor.

We could had three squadrons of Arrows!

But then again, 50 years ago, today, was Black Friday.

Yup, February 20, 1959

PM John A. Diefenbaker stood up in the House of Commons (Canadian Parliament), at 11 am, and cancelled the Avro Arrow and Orenda Iroquois Projects on this date exactly 50 yrears ago.

And Crawford Gordon, President of A. V. Roe Canada, not one to be outdone by anybody, especially by a mindless bureaucrat…laid off every Avro Canada employee in the afternoon.

All 13, 500 of them!

No aircraft to manufacture…no need for employees!

(Photo Credits: RCAF, A. V. Roe Canada)


…AVRO CANADA's glorious accomplishments.

50 Years Ago Today

Black Friday - February 20, 1959

PM John A. Diefenbaker cancelled the Avro Arrow Project in the Canadian Parliament in the morning on this date exactly 50 yrears ago.

And Crawford Gordon , President of A. V. Roe Canada laid off every Avro Canada employee in the afternoon.

13, 500 of them!

No aircraft to manufacture…no need for employees!

(Photo Credits: Avro Newsmagazine)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Continental Flight 3407 : ATC Recording, What The Hell Happened?

Last moments of Flight 3407
Transcript of communications with Air Traffic Control
February 13, 2009

Rebecca Shaw, was the first officer (co-pilot) of Continental Airlines Flight 3407, and resided in Maple Valley, Washington. Hers, is the female voice you are hearing in this ATC tape.

Continental Flight 3407 : Dash Down In Buffalo!!!

Continental Plane Crash
February 12, 2009

A Continental Airlines Bombardier Dash 8-Q402 (twin-turbine prop) seen above, in manufacture's paint scheme) carrying 48 people, 44 passengers and 4 crew has crashed in Clarence Centre, New York. One known person was also killed on the ground. FlightAware shows that the flight ended 6.2 miles short of Buffalo Niagara International (KBUF) Runway 32 and crashed five minutes before its expected arrival at 9:35PM.

The Colgan Air Dash 8, operating as Continental Connection was a fifty-two minute flight originating from Newark Liberty International. It crashed on Long Street, destroying the house at the 6038 address (the Wielinski residence), in suburban Buffalo, and there were no commuter survivors.

Karen and daughter, Kimberley Wielinski, were home when the the Q402 crashed into their house. While they survived, Karen's husband Doug, also home at the time, did not.

Shortly before Continental Express Flight 3407 went down in the residential neighbourhood, the pilots reported experiencing mechanical trouble. This was confirmed by Paul Cardin, of Special Projects In Research, who was able to reach area residents for their eye witness testimony.

Lorraine Unverzart, who lives two streets over from the crash site reported that there was massive fires shortly after she heard the aircraft go down. Columns of fire and smoke could be seen reaching forty feet into the sky. Shaken up still, she noted that the aircraft didn't sound right as it flew overhead, and then made a very large "boom" sound when it hit the house located three doors down, and just across the street from her mother and father's residence.

Her mother, Mrs. W. Hoehman located at 6055 Long Street saw the ill-fated aircraft crash into their neighbours home.

Upon impact, the Q400 aircraft blew up and her neighbour's house and the immediate area around the house became engulfed in a fiery inferno. Mrs. Hoehman also noted that while planes are flying overhead all the time, this one caught her attention because it sounded "off". She quickly looked up, and watched in horror as it crashed. She immediately called her daughters, and one, Lorraine, who resides on High Street, which intersects Long, was able to come over with her son, and comfort her mother and father.

Another sister who also lives in town, attempted to reach her parent's residence to attend to her parent's shock, but was turned away, as local police and the fire department had just sealed off the area.

Power has been cut to the neighbourhood, and many Long Street homes have been evacuated because of fire, smoke and other safety concerns. The Hoehmans were unaffected by these power cuts as their home runs off a generator. Neither were they asked to evacuate since they are located downwind from the accident.

Located only about 120 or so feet from the crash, the Hoehman residence became a gathering centre for neighbours to process their grief. Each in turn wondered, and then grew silent as they commiserated about the awful reality of the doomed airliner that crashed with its gear up, and plowing nose first into their neighbour's house.

What kind of plane was it?

How many died?

Did their neighbour survive?

In time, all these questions will be answered.

In the meantime, the Bombardier (Toronto made) Canadian Dash 8-400 Series (Q400) was less than a year old, having been delivered to the airline only a short time ago, in April, of 2008.

This becomes the first Bombardier Q400 accident where loss of life has occurred.

Rest in peace…victims of Flight 3407 ~

UPDATE!!!!!!!! Pilot Error!!

Severe weather conditions and against Continental REGS, the auto-pilot was still engaged when the pilot's should have been flying the airplane.

"Some aviation experts say that relying on the autopilot kept the pilots from sensing the seriousness of the icing conditions, which could have caused the plane to lurch erratically in the 26 seconds before it crashed."

Continental Airlines says friends and family who need information about those on board flight #3407 should call 1-800-621-3263.

Residents who live in Clarence who need information about the crash should call (716) 741-8930.

Last moments of Flight 3407
Transcript of Communications with Air Traffic Control

February 13, 2009

4:38 - ATC: colgan 3407 procede direct ____?

4:58 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 6,000

8:39 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 5,000

8:40 - 3407: 5,000 for colgan 3407

9:09 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 4,000

12:14 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 2,300

12:19 - ??? garbled

12:39 - ATC: colgan 3407 turn left heading 330

12:42 - 3407: left heading 330 colgan 3407

14:04 - ATC: colgan 3407 turn left heading 310

14:07 - 3407: left heading 310, colgan 3407

15:08 - ATC: colgan 3407 3 miles from ____ colonel?? left heading 260? maintain 2300 til established localizer and cleared ils runway 2-3

15:17 - 3407: left 260, 2,300 til established and cleared ils 23 approach, colgan 3407

16:02 - ATC: colgan 3407 contact tower 204.5 have a good day

16:08 - 3407: muffled colgan 3407

17:01 - ATC: colgan 3407 approach

17:22 - ATC: colgan 3407, buffalo

17:24 - ATC: colgan 3407, approach

17:33 - ATC: delta 1998, look out ur left side about 5 miles for a dash 8, should be 2300 feet, see anything there?

17:40 - delta 1998: uh negative, delta 1998, we're just in the bottoms and nothing on the TKs

17:48 - ATC: colgan 3407, buffalo

20:12 - ATC: Colgan 3407, buffalo tower, how do you hear?

20:27 - ATC: this is ground communication, i need to talk to someone at least 5 miles northeast, J possibly clearance, that area right there, akron area, either state police or sheriff's department, i need to find if anything's on the ground. this aircraft was 5 miles out and all of a sudden we have no response from that aircraft

20:46 - ???: all i can tell you is that aircraft over the marker and we're not talking to them now

20:52 - ???: k

21:04 - ATC: Delta 1998, you getting any icing where you're at?

21:05 - Delta 1998: uh, we're picking up on the way down - i dont think we're building anymore here, but about uh 6500 down to 3500 maybe?

21:13 - ATC: thank you sir

21:17 - ATC: Delta 1998, there's gonna be a delay, i'm gonna bring you back around, expect a hold over KLUMP 21:22 - Delta 1998: alright we'll expect a hold over KLUMP, delta 1998

21:46 - something: apparently we have an emergency sir, i'll get back to you as soon as i can

23:57 - ATC: for all aircraft, this frequency - we have a dash-8 over the marker that didn't make the airport. he appears about 5 miles away from the airport. delta 1998, i'm gonna bring you in sir, on the approach. um if you could just give me a fire up when you get to 2300 and if you have any problems with the localizer or anything, let me know - however we're showing it all in the green here.

24:22 - 1998: will do

24:45 - ATC: delta 1998, 6 miles from KLUMP maintain 2300 until established on a localizer, clear to ils approach runway 2-3

24:54 - delta 1998: ILS 2-3 and we're still in the imc here, 2300 delta 1998

25:00 - atc: are you getting any kind of icing or anything there?

25:03 - delta 1998: uhh it doesn't appear to be building, we have a 1/2..1/4 inch from the descent that has remained this whole time

25:11 - atc: thank you

25:18 - cactus 1452: whatever: intercept us low for cactus 1452 and we've been picking up ground lights here for the last 10 oh minutes

25:25 - atc: okay, stand by for ??? ice report

25:36 - atc: who was that?

25:39 - cactus 1452: '52 sir, we've been getting ice since about 20 miles south of the airport

25:46 - atc: - cactus 1452 okay, if you can let me know when you get out of the icing, aircraft coming up from the south was reporting that earlier

25:25 - atc: delta 1998, if you could, just disregard the auto land sir, contact 120.5 just let him know if you have any variation in the localizer or anything

26:34 - delta 1998: -5 okay, delta 1998, thanks

27:05 - ???? ...any kind of information you can get, we'd appreciate it

27:12 - ???? sir, right now, 2300 seems pretty clear here

28:05 - atc: cactus 1452, thanks for your help, we appreciate it, contact tower 130.5 28:12 - cactus: ..5 for cactus - did you find colgan?

28:14 - atc: uhhhh unfortunately they said he went down right over the marker KLUMP

29:17 - cactus 1452: tower, cactus 1452 is coming up on the marker, we saw the ground, you guys know whats going on?

29:24 - tower: cactus 1452, buffalo tower 162.14 going right 23, you are clear to land, yes sir, we are aware

29:29 - cactus 1452: k

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Arrow in Trouble!!

June 11, 1958.

Malton, Ontario now YYZ.

As you can see the Toronto built CF-105 Interceptor RL 201 is in crash sequence.

"Zura" (Polish-born test pilot, Janusz Zurakowski) is at the controls. Landing gear on the Canadian Arrow were problematic and contributed to the only two Arrow accidents.

This accident occurred because a gear shortening mechanism failed, jamming the landing gear. The Arrow's undercarriage did not fully extend. With the high landing speed, the necessary strong braking on the shorter runway, coupled with the weight of the Arrow, the left undercarriage soon gave way, and then the right, collapsing, as the interceptor left the runway!

"In the fall of 1958 the British magazine; Aviation Studies stated Canada owes it to the free world to put into production the Arrow aircraft, the most advanced interceptor in the Western world."

Never happened.

And, of course, this wasn't the real trouble the Arrow would soon find itself in.

SOON, Avro Canada and the Arrow would be dealing with lackey politicians and an inept prime minister. And it was then, her fate would be sealed–

Photo credit: L Wilkinson or P Brennan
Post-production: SPIR - Paul Cardin

In a Perfect World…

…AVRO Canada would STILL be there…as it is in this Google Map photo of 2006.

PRESENTLY, Google Maps uses a 2006 aerial map of YYZ…and to my horror Avro Canada was still there! Everyone of any importance in the Toronto region knows Avro Canada, all remaining historical buildings were torn down in that year.

Who at Google is trying to kill me with these memories?

How Did I Get This SCREENSHOT From My 3G iPhone?

Remember whatever you are seeing on your iPhone screen, while surfing the net , gaming etc. can be captured or photographed by the iPhone itself!

Press the Home Key down simultaneously with the On/Off/Sleep/Wake Button and Presto! you hear the camera shutter sound and a SCREENPIC has been created. It can be found in the iPhone's Camera Roll Photo Album in the phone itself!

There SHE is.


100 years later.


In Hamilton, Ontario.


Yes, safe inside the world famous hangar of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, being disassembled as NWAII looks on, to be crated and sent on to Baddeck Bay, Nova Scotia for its 100th Anniversary celebration flight, a mere two weeks from now on February 23, 2009.

What IS the Silver Dart besides being a “Drive” (road) around the inside perimeter of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport?

From the Canadian Encyclopedia:

“The Silver Dart, was the first powered, heavier-than-air machine to fly in Canada; designed and built by the Aerial Experiment Association (Oct 1907-Mar 1909) under Alexander Graham BELL (yeah…the same Canadian guy who invented the telephone), a flight enthusiast since boyhood.

After several successful flights at Hammondsport, NY, early in 1909 the Silver Dart was dismantled, crated and brought to Baddeck Bay, NS, the Bells' Canadian home. The "aerodrome" (Bell's preferred term) had a 14.9 m wingspan and an all-up weight of 390 kg, pilot included.

J.A.D. MCCURDY was the principal designer and pilot; Glenn H. Curtiss developed the water-cooled engine, an advance on the association's earlier experiments. Pulled on230to the ice of Baddeck Bay by horsedrawn sleigh on Feb 23, the silver-winged machine rose on its second attempt after travelling about 30 m, flying at an elevation from 3 to 9 m at roughly 65 km/hr for 0.8 km.

Over 100 of Bell's neighbours witnessed the first flight of a British subject anywhere in the Empire.

The Silver Dart flew more than 200 times before being damaged beyond repair upon landing in the soft sand of Petawawa, Ont, during military trials in early Aug 1909. The engine was later retrieved and restored and is now on display at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa. A full-scale model of the Silver Dart may be found in Ottawa's National Aviation Museum.” (Norman Hillmer)

Former Canadian Space Shuttle astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason flew the newest Silver Dart replica, just a few metres above Hamilton runways, on both Friday and Sunday. Incidentally this replica was built by a group of volunteers from Welland Ontario. And one of those volunteers is incidentally related to J.A.D. McCurdy, the Dart’s original pilot!

Another replica of the Silver Dart crashed in 1959 from flight instability originating from the airplane’s nose. The nose of any version of the Silver Dart has a strong tendency to move up and down uncontrollably, and Bjarni Tryggvason has wind-tunnel tested and engineered some changes from the original aircraft’s design to correct this flaw.

Other minor changes were made to the replica aircraft as well.

Nylon has replaced the original Dart’s silver coloured silk, and oddles of HOCKEY TAPE help keep the ancient design together. Where the reader can see stick framing surrounded by black splotches on all the aircraft’s joints, that is, hockey tape doing its thing!

Real Canadians use hockey tape, NOT duct tape, Mr. Green.

Oh and Bjarni and company…do tell the media and public when you decide to fly your beastie!

We really are interested in any Silver Dart flight…if you only give us a chance!!

I had to drive at breakneck speed, avoid two head-on collisions, and ended up mowing down two unsuspecting old ladies on the outskirts of Mount Hope…just to get to the Museum, and for what? You had already flown the Dart.

The disassembly was fascinating to watch though.

One stick at a time–

50 YEARS AGO…this month…the Arrow…

…was featured in the RAF Flying Review!

The publication noted the chance of cancellation, "the talk" but they didn't take it seriously. They went on to include a 2-page illustrated cutaway of the Canadian CF-105 Arrow, alongside a full page, three sided view of her.

The four page Arrow article, "The Mighty Arrow" noted that Canada's newest interceptor was likely to become the first combat aircraft capable of reaching MACH 3 in level flight!

But then as we all know so painfully, an idiot Prime Minister had his way, and the speed record that was ours for the taking, was never broken.

And the Canadian technological marvel, known as the Arrow, was scrapped.

But in the first part of this month…50 years ago this week…there was still hope…

AND SOON, nigh, a few short weeks from now, in February…we, as Canadians, will mark…not celebrate, the 50th Anniversary of the cancellation of the Avro Arrow CF-105 and the Orenda Iroquois Engine Project.

And the little country that could…didn't.

And from that point on, it all changed for Canada.

We returned to being a consumer, not a producer.

Critics respond that it was just one damn airplane!


It was a movement.

A well orchestrated one at that.

There had been the Avro Jetliner (North America's 1st jet airliner), and the CF-100 (NATO's first all weather interceptor).

On deck there was the Arrow, of course, the Avrocar (a working flying saucer) too, the Orenda Iroquois engine (a lighter weight jet engine with 30% more engine thrust than anything else on the military market) and there were secret plans to launch Canada into space exploration.

And France even ordered 300 Iroquois engines from Orenda, before testing had even been completed. France wanted the best for their new fighter jet, the Mirage. And the Iroquois was the best! But the Canadian government killed the engine deal alongside the Arrow.

Later, there would be Bombardier, and de Havilland Canada, both with notable aviation achievements, but it wasn't the same, folks.

Not. At. All.

AVRO CANADA was the first "place" where Canada really excelled technologically, collectively, and INDEPENDENTLY as a nation.

Here, at Derry Road and Airport Road in Malton, the future looked to be full of promise, and our potential for additional achievement seemed to be unlimited. We had competed against those larger and more established nations, the USA, Great Britain and France…and we had finally rubbed shoulders as an equal.

And then when it couldn't get any better for Canada, or our future couldn't be any brighter, a lousy prime minister and a handful of nearsighted bureaucrats, who had long ago surrendered their man-card (© Debbie Schlussel) , threw away a decades worth of extraordinary Canadian prosperity and achievement.

And our next 50 years of promise.

So, there are still some, in Canada now, who actually think the Arrow "thing" wasn't such a big deal.

And that really was so long ago…you know…

These are the very same people who can't see the connection between causation, momentum, and dominance. These blighted types are those who naively, and wrongfully conclude, that America was always that great, world, superpower, we now see before us .

What they don't realize is that America emerged as the global frontrunner, because of just five short years of WW II participation, meeting and besting the challenge placed to them by their Axis foes. A challenge that had threatened their very existence as a free nation, and scared America out of their past isolationism and mediocracy. And America hasn't even had time to look back since.

So we'll never know what Canada could have been.

Our 10 years of excellence and cumulative technological advancement was brought to swift end on Black Friday: February 20, 1959.

Almost 50 years ago now…

With the ruination of Avro Canada by the obscure Canadian federal government of the day, we only know that "our moment" of critical mass and technological momentum, when reward would have compounded reward, conceived new visions, and forged new pathways, propelling us into an exciting and novel Canadian future, was ultimately, and finally lost.


And that's it, folks…

Never. Did. Canada. Recover.

The Arrow wasn't just a plane, you dummies. It was our future ~

© Brown Recluse Sings!
© Paul Cardin

DISCARDED! Bristol Bolingbroke!!

NO DOUBT about it.

Here, right before my eyes, is a discarded Bolingbroke. Blenheim to the UK crowd.

And so, while the CWH (Canadian Warplane Heritage) scours the earth for even a single legitimate part, here I have, right before me, HALF A BOLINGBROKE!!


Welcome to the upside-down world–

As I hear gunplay ringing above my head, and past me, I realize it's time to go.

But hey…the sadness remains.

626 of these were built in Montreal, under license, by Fairchild Aircraft of Canada Ltd.

We were young once, and we shall never be again.

COLD WAR RCAF Sabre, CL-13. Complete with Orenda engines.