Friday, February 20, 2009

BLACK FRIDAY : Here's the Stooge!

YES LITTLE GIRL (far right)…you should be afraid…that's the stooge that cancelled the Arrow. And at this moment, he's running your country!!

Jack. Stupid. Ass.

Check out the eyebrows on that dummy. On that alone not a single Canadian should have voted this guy into office. Then look at that goofy smile.

"Dief" was voted out of office when Canadians realized the full extent of the Avro Canada blunder.

Too late, Canadians, too late.

I am John G. Diefenbaker…

I SAY NO TO: The Arrow!

I SAY NO TO: The Iroquois!

I SAY NO TO: Buying Canadian!

I SAY NO TO: BEING Canadian!

One life summed up.

Yup, February 20, 1959

PM John A. Diefenbaker cancelled the Avro Arrow Project in the Canadian Parliament, in the morning hours, on this date exactly 50 yrears ago.

And Crawford Gordon, President of A. V. Roe Canada and not one to be outdone, laid off every single Avro Canada employee in the afternoon.

All 13, 500 of them!

No aircraft to manufacture…no need for employees!

(Photo Credits: unknown)

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