Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In a Perfect World…

…AVRO Canada would STILL be there…as it is in this Google Map photo of 2006.

PRESENTLY, Google Maps uses a 2006 aerial map of YYZ…and to my horror Avro Canada was still there! Everyone of any importance in the Toronto region knows Avro Canada, all remaining historical buildings were torn down in that year.

Who at Google is trying to kill me with these memories?

How Did I Get This SCREENSHOT From My 3G iPhone?

Remember whatever you are seeing on your iPhone screen, while surfing the net , gaming etc. can be captured or photographed by the iPhone itself!

Press the Home Key down simultaneously with the On/Off/Sleep/Wake Button and Presto! you hear the camera shutter sound and a SCREENPIC has been created. It can be found in the iPhone's Camera Roll Photo Album in the phone itself!

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