Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Salute! The IRREPRESSIBLE P-51!!

…makes it's appearance at FLYFEST 2007.

FLIGHT 621: Same Story…

…different year.

There’s someone’s SKULL BONE piece, emerging from the ground, in July of 2007.

From Flight 621.

Their partial skeletal remains, just left there, year-in-year-out to bake in the sun in a Brampton field…located in in the now forgotten Toronto-Gore Township.

37 years ago today, Flight 621 slammed into the ground, killing all 109 passengers and crew.

Flight 621 In Memorium

Adams, Celine Fradette
Adams, Pierre J
Beaudin, Gaetan
Belanger, Mrs.
Belanger, Jacques
Belanger, Jean
Belanger, Roland
Belanger, Rosanne
Benson, Helen
Benson, Leonard
Benson, Mary
Benson, Richard
Bertrand, Ginette
Boosamra, Lynn
Boulanger, Guy
Bradshaw, Dollie
Cedilot, Robert J
Chapdeleine, Jeannine
Chapdeleine, Joanne
Chapdeleine, Mario
Charent, Jean Maurice
Clarke, Devona Olivia
Cote, Francine
Daoust, Yolande
Desmarais, Brigitte
Desmarais, G
Dicaire, Alice (Marie)
Dicaire, Gilles
Dicaire, Linda
Dicaire, Luke
Dicaire, Mark
Dion, Suzanne
Dore, Jacqueline
Earle, Lewella
Earle, Linda
Filippone, Francesco
Filippone, Linda
Filippone, Marie
Gee, Bernard
Goulet, Denise M
Grenier, Madeleine

Growse, Jane
Growse, Roger
Hamilton, Karen E
Hamilton, Peter Cameron
Herrmann, Ronald Alvin
Hill, Harry Gordon
Holiday, Claude
Houston, Irene Margaret
Houston, Wesley
Jakobsen, Vagn Aage
Labont, Gilles
Leclaire, Marie Rose
Leclaire, Oscar
Leduc, Henri W
Lepage, Claudette
Mailhiot, Claire Gagnon
Mailhiot, Gerald Bernard
Maitz, Gustave
Maitz, Karoline
McKettrick, Winnifred
McTague, John
Medizza, Carla
Mohammed, Dolly
Molino, Antonio
Molino, Michael (Michel)
Moore, Frederick T
Partridge, Andrea
Partridge, Carnie (Carnis) Ann
Partridge, Cyril Wayne
Phillips, Kenneth William
Poirier, Rita
Raymond, Gilles
Raymond, Martial
Robert, Aline
Robert, Georges E
Robidoux, Lionel
Rowland, Donald
Silverberg, Marci
Silverberg, Merle
Silverberg, Steven
Simon, Istvan
Simon, Mark
Smith, Dwight Lee
St. Laurent, Blanche
Stepping, Glenn Thomas
Sultan, Celia
Sultan, Jerald. M
Sultan, Robert. L
Szpakowicz, Borys
Szpakowicz, Serge
Tielens, Carmen
Tielens, Frederick
Tournovits, George
Tournovits, Soula (Athanasia)
Weinberg, Carla
Weinberg, S
Weinberg, Wendy
Whittingham, Jennifer
Whittingham, John
Whittingham, Reginald
Whybro, Mary Baker
Wieczorek, Hildegund
Witmer, Edgar
Wong, Ngar-Quon
Wong, Suzie
Wong, Wong (Mansing)
Woodward, Dallas J

FOR MORE on this UNBELIEVABLE STORY in our day, and age, see:

And THE CROWDS Did Come…

……for the Vickers Vimy. Even a Sopwith Camel showed up.

IT'S HARD to believe, but I did see a former high school teacher (Streetsville Secondary School) at this event.

Not right away……but later, when I was looking over my photos!

Ain't life strange~

:: The MIGHTY Iroquois ::..

CANADIANS look at the handiwork of your Federal Government in the 50s!

Although Dassault Mirage had already ordered 300 of these SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE Orenda Iroquois Engines (pictured above) your imperious government ordered the cancellation of this incredible order!

An additional, malicious, governmental directive was given to the RCAF to destroy all engines, manufacturing molds, existing parts and blueprints for the Iroquois!!

If you look closely, you’ll see where two blowtorch holes were cut into this side of the engine, to render it useless forever.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, where this engine now resides, has faithfully restored the Iroquois to its former glory and Plexiglas has been placed over the cutter’s holes to preserve this dark moment in Canada’s aviation history.

This engine was to be scrapped at the time…but someone secretly it shipped off to Hamilton Airport in 1959 when it was still RCAF Station: Mount Hope. And somehow, through the years, it remained hidden until the early 80s when someone decided to see what was in those “damn” containers over by the fence.

To everyone’s horror…it turned out to be two MIGHTY IROQUOIS!

The other Iroquois was acquired by the Canadian Aviation Museum in Ottawa.

Technology acquired from the Orenda Iroquois helped advance jet engine development for all time, and was made in right in Toronto, at Orenda, which is now Magellan Aerospace on Derry Rd.

The GLORIOUS PAST Flies Overhead…

…and THE MOB below is oblivious.

“Why would you write such a thing?” asks Barb, incredulous that I toss out ANOTHER INSULT…kinda like some folk toss about footballs.

TOO MANY people today have forgotten the sacrifices of the past…and don’t recognize the sacrifices of today that PATRIOT CANADIANS have always made…and will always make to keep…“the True North strong and free!”

And let’s not forget the prayer found in our national anthem,

“God keep our land,
Glorious and free!"

AMEN to that–