Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gather THE LOST…


March 25, 1958, 49 years ago and three days…the AVRO Arrow flew for the first time!

SEE WHAT happens…so easy to neglect, and even forget by three whole days…the ANNIVERSARY of the ARROW'S FIRST FLIGHT!

NAY…Canadians should never forget the achievements of AVRO Canada, especially that of the Arrow–

HERE IS a timely poem:

"Behold the work of
the Old…

Let your Heritage not
be lost…

But bequeath it as a
Memory, Treasure and

Gather the lost and
…the hidden!

And preserve it for thy

–Christian Metz

RELIVE the AVRO Arrow's FIRST FLIGHT: March 25, 1958 , The Arrow Takes Off

Thursday, March 15, 2007

BUILDING a Mystery

…except not so much of a mystery.


EXCEPT when I found this stray piece of "plastic"…I really did think I would never "put it all together".

It's funny how God reveals things through desires.

I thought I should keep the piece because "you never know". Then I was looking through eBay for Air Canada realted items, desiring to find DC-8 related trinkets, when I stumbled upon this ashtray amongst an assortment of Air Canada ashtrays.

And I thought WHERE, WHERE have I seen this "blue" and "pattern" before?

AFTER going through hundreds of collected pounds of 621 debris…I rediscovered the elusive piece.

And made the match!

THE CHIPPED PIECE of molded plastic came fom the same farmfield where AIR CANADA Flight 621 slammed into on July 5, 1970. Found it last year. Just didn't know what it was.

The ASHTRAY in the graphic is what you started with. The PIECE (left hand corner) is what you finish with when a doomed 155 tonne DC-8 "Stretch" slams into the ground nose first, wing high, at 400 mph, with 109 (mostly French-Canadien and American) souls onboard.

Of course, THEY ALL died on that ill-fated day!

And just like this piece of ashtray I found……so many pieces of HUMAN BONE, passengers and crew, from Flight 621 still remain in that field because the Ontario Office of the Coroner, normally empowered and authoritative, has repeatedly failed to rise to the occasion, and command removal of the REMAINING BONES from the field.

Fingers, kneecaps, mostly skull pieces and all kinds of unidentifible fragments~



And because IT WAS THEIR DUTY then in 1970 to remove the victims' remains and it is their duty now.

Oh, Dr. Cotnam, where are when we need you?

It would cost a million to finish the job of removal today!

Not in the budget, I was told.

SO REMEMBER the next time you fly AIR CANADA or any OTHER AIRLINE and you have the misfortune of crashing…will all your remains be removed?

DON'T count on it.

YOUR REMAINS might get left behind. Or your daughters, your wife's, your mom's or dad's remains…whoever.

PHOTOGRAPHED above is the ACTUAL PIECE I found. Below THAT PIECE is THE PIECE produced again, and superimposed on the actual type of ashtray…which I found on eBay as an Air Canada momento!

The graphic to the right is marked with a YELLOW CIRCLE that contains the pattern I USED to line up the piece to the "spot" on the ashtray where the piece came from!!

FOR MORE on this INCREDIBLE STORY in our day, and age, SEE:

"Cause you're working
Building a mystery
Holding on and holding it in
Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully"

Sarah McLachlan
(Building A Mystery)