Monday, December 19, 2011

…::: Has THIS ARROW been found? :: In the UK?

WELL, IT'S MARTIN-BAKER ejection seat certainly has.

Well…maybe not from Arrow 204, but likely Arrow 206!

And that Arrow seat is for sale on eBay for a cool $250,000—or you can make an offer!

Since the 1960s…there is still a rumour amongst the ex-RAF personnel from RAF Manston that an Arrow did indeed make it to that English air base.

The ONLY TWO possible flying Arrows would be Arrow 203, or Arrow 204, that were set aside for the RAE (Royal Aeronautical Establishment).

So, who knows?

Someone knows!


…from Marc-Andre Valiquette, world's foremost Avro Arrow collector, and, of course, leading Avro Arrow expert!


Oh—and IF an intact Arrow was found—I'd have to call in sick for the entire week, 'cause I'd be sick, intoxicated—with rapturous joy!!