Tuesday, April 17, 2007

..:: I :: See .::. DEAD PLANES :.::.

PERHAPS ONE day this "proud" SABRE will take to the skies again.

Right now…waiting…wanting ~


No time for engines…

Or even time to use a runway.

All aboard.

Let’s go…go…GO!


So it’s finally over.

Another TORONTO ICON is no more.

Once a strange landmark visible by all, at the far-flung end of PEARSON (YYZ)…a mystery then…as the restaurant that was never open…that exotic, modern-age transporter of men…that once was.

Back in those distant 50s.

NO SOUP FOR YOU…now, Toronto!

She leaves Toronto for Seattle, and is owned without restriction by the MUSEUM of FLIGHT. The Toronto Aerospace Museum lost her hard fought battle to keep her in Canada. Why didn’t anyone involve PETA to make the save? CONNIES are definitely an endangered species.

Once in Seattle, this rare Super Connie WILL BE restored and painted up in TCA colours, in her old 50s TCA livery, courtesy of Air Canada!

For all museum visitors to see.

Visitors come from worldwide destinations to see Seattle’s “rare birds”. And she has many such visitors, there in the shadow of Boeing’s LEGENDARY Production Facilities.

WAIT! Folks you can relax…no modern Air Canada TOOTHPASTE LIVERY will ever be smeared on her fuselage. This Connie has suffered enough indignities already!!

What about TCA?

SO LONG AGO…long before Air Canada became incorporated as such in 1965…she was T.C.A., folks!! Yes…pick yourself up off the ground…Trans-Canada Airlines, and this was one of the wild aircraft she flew–

Back in those days when men were still men, and Canada had an Arrow~

(So, tears now…)

GOOD-BYE Connie…until we catch up, again, in Seattle ~~

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jesus Falls.

Jesus Falls


"The God who made the universe,
and holds it in existence
by His will alone,
becomes, as man, too weak to bear
a piece of timber's weight.

How human in His weakness is the Son of

My Father willed it thus.
I could not be your model otherwise.

If you would be My other self,
you also must accept without complaint
your human frailties."


"Lord Jesus, how can I refuse?

I willingly accept my weaknesses,
my irritations and my moods,
my headaches and fatigue,
all my defects of body, mind, and soul.

Because they are Your will for me,
these “handicaps”, of my humanity,
I gladly suffer them.

Make me content with all my discontents,
but give me strength to struggle after You."

(from…Everyman’s Way of The Cross)