Thursday, April 5, 2007

Jesus Falls.

Jesus Falls


"The God who made the universe,
and holds it in existence
by His will alone,
becomes, as man, too weak to bear
a piece of timber's weight.

How human in His weakness is the Son of

My Father willed it thus.
I could not be your model otherwise.

If you would be My other self,
you also must accept without complaint
your human frailties."


"Lord Jesus, how can I refuse?

I willingly accept my weaknesses,
my irritations and my moods,
my headaches and fatigue,
all my defects of body, mind, and soul.

Because they are Your will for me,
these “handicaps”, of my humanity,
I gladly suffer them.

Make me content with all my discontents,
but give me strength to struggle after You."

(from…Everyman’s Way of The Cross)

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