Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Gather THE LOST…


March 25, 1958, 49 years ago and three days…the AVRO Arrow flew for the first time!

SEE WHAT happens…so easy to neglect, and even forget by three whole days…the ANNIVERSARY of the ARROW'S FIRST FLIGHT!

NAY…Canadians should never forget the achievements of AVRO Canada, especially that of the Arrow–

HERE IS a timely poem:

"Behold the work of
the Old…

Let your Heritage not
be lost…

But bequeath it as a
Memory, Treasure and

Gather the lost and
…the hidden!

And preserve it for thy

–Christian Metz

RELIVE the AVRO Arrow's FIRST FLIGHT: March 25, 1958 , The Arrow Takes Off

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