Sunday, May 17, 2009

::: WIDOW and the Widowmaker ::

"Hush there, littl' darlin…"

Who she is remembering…we have no idea. Whomever…rest in peace—

The CF-105 Starfighter, of which 200 were made in Montreal.

While the CF-104, and its American version (F-104) were a favorite amongst pilots everywhere…they showed no mercy to those who flew her.

Make a mistake…you often didn't get a second chance.

Hence, the nickname "Widowmaker" given to her by pilots everywhere.

In fact 110 CF-104 were lost in operational accidents flying under the RCAF banner.

The first Canadair-constructed CF-104 (RCAF serial number 12701) was airlifted from Montreal to Palmdale, California in the spring of 1961, where it made its first flight on May 26. The second CF-104 (12702) also made its first flight at Palmdale. The first two CF-104s to fly at Montreal were Nos. 12703 and 12704, which both took to the air on August 14, 1961.

The CF-104 was powered by a Canadian-built J79-OEL-7, which was made at Orenda Aerospace in Malton.

AND REMEMBER while there was no money to finish and fly the already 37+ Avro Arrows, 17 complete, and the rest near completion…the Diefenbaker government found money to buy 200 of these!'

Diefenbaker…shot and pizzed on I say—

Sunday, May 3, 2009


…will fly again MID-MAY 2009!!

Overwhelming public support puts our Lanc' back in the air!!

From the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum:

"Due to the generosity of the many ‘Lancaster Propeller’ supporters who answered our plea for financial assistance, Canadian Warplane Heritage was able to buy two (2) propellers from an aircraft parts dealer in Florida. The propellers, in original World War II packing boxes, will be made available for the media to view and photograph.

The four (4) additional propellers that were procured from Greenwood Military Aviation Museum once overhauled will cost Canadian Warplane Heritage over $40,000.

More importantly, to those who answered our plea for financial assistance…..
the Lancaster will fly again mid-May!"