Friday, June 19, 2009

:::Not Ready For Jesus

… that just about describes it for most people.

JESUS vs. The Self-Righteous

JESUS vs. The Unbelievers

JESUS vs. The High Priest

Clips from the fantastic, and long 2 DVD set, "Jesus of Nazareth". The Evangelicals and the Protestants have never been able to satisfactorily convey anything more than a "cardboard" type of Jesus in their movies about the Son of God. So here IS something better.

This last clip contains a potentially misleading statement. Jesus says, "… one and the same". Jesus is God. The Father is God. And the Holy Spirit is God. But Jesus is not the Father, or the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is not …etc. And the three are not three Gods either. God is one.

There you have it, the august mystery, and reality, of the Trinity.

Get "Jesus of Nazareth" while you still can… before the pagans completely overrun our society when this movie will be banned vehemently ~

You've been warned.

Available everywhere, but if you are in the USA or Canada, try the Daughters of St. Paul. Buy from a religious order dedicated to communicating Christ to the horrendous world we find ourselves in. If you don't think the state of things out there is all that bad… you need to really look at the world… I mean, beyond your own backyard.

'nuff said—

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Victory Aircraft LYSANDER Flies… in Hamilton!


What's been the hold up?


There is only one guy in the world (apparently) that can certify these babies. He resides in England. And he has to come over here, be lodged, wined and dined etc. Eventually, he gives the wave to the Lysander. And then declares her worthy.

The cost? $100, 000 CDN!

Yup, that's what I thought. Cheap—

So the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will split the cost with Vintage Wings of Canada.

Say what?

Why is another museum, one based in Quebec, gonna help out with the Ontario museum's cert?

There's a SECRET here. Shhh……

TWO LYSANDERS are going to be certified at the same time! The service costs of the "guy" will be shared.

Where there was none… there'll be two—

TWO FLYING Lysanders now in Canada.

Both made in Toronto, in 1942.

Only in Canada, you say…… pity ~

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum Lysander flew this past Tuesday! June 9, 2009.

At 4:15 pm, Rob Erdos (Vintage Wings of Canada) flew the Canadian Warplane Heritage's Westland Lysander C-GCWL on its first flight since restoration. The flight last 44 minutes.

The first public flights are scheduled at the CWH Museum's Flyfest event on June 20 & 21, 2009.

… and, one more thing… there seems to be no mention of the Vintage Wings of Canada Lysander. And why did a pilot from "Vintage" fly the CWH Lysander?

My guess. A surprise is coming, folks!

Look for TWO FLYING Lysanders at Flyfest 2009 in Hamilton, on June 20 and 21.

Wouldn't that be the illustrious!

Be there… or be [ ].


"Most of the world's few surviving Lysanders are ex-RCAF.

Lysanders were affectionately know as "Lizzies" and their distinctive appearance caused some people to divide aircraft into two classes - airplanes and Lysanders! " (© 2009 Canadian Museum of Flight.)

The above photo is an old file photo.

In response to my article above, which was written AFTER I had spoken to an former Argus pilot who relayed all of the above MINUS the conclusion of two Lysanders flying simultaneously, I have been corrected by a secret CWH member. The correction follows below.

AND I didn't just make this up, folks. I trusted a former Argus pilot, since my dad once had Argus pilots in his command, in the illustrious 404 Squadron of the RCAF .

NOW, here is the CORRECTION:

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog (not that we often do at CWH, but someone told us about it), we felt we had to reply.

Let's start at the top - finally, after 34 years I guess it is about time, but when it is mostly volunteers who do the work under the guidance of a small engineering staff, these things take time. Certification has been slow from former engineering staff over the years due to work load. Mike Charters took over as a part-time (temporary) Chief Engineer in April 2008 for a short term and said this thing has to fly and had full support from the CEO Dave Rohrer.

A volunteer staff again undertook the long task of going over the work of 3 different restoration crews and the final inspection was carried out by the new full-time Chief Engineer Jim Vandyk as well as Rick Rickards and Mike Charters. It was then a long process to prepare the paperwork for Transport Canada.

Wayne Juniper of Transport Canada recently issued the flight authorization. No conspiracy theories here, no British influence (Oh sorry, Rick was born in England) and no $100,000 split! Rob Erdos from Vintage Wings of Canada was invited by Mike Charters and Dave Rohrer to do the test flight as he is a professional test pilot for the National Research Council. Vintage Wing's Lysander has no fabric on it currently but it may fly in 2009. Definitely not in time for our event as nice as it might be! That's the facts folks! But come out and see it fly at CWH on Father's Day weekend where it will fly as part of CWH's Heritage Flight (formation of Lancaster, B-25 Mitchell, Firefly & Lysander)! It will be a sight to behold!

June 14, 2009 2:19 PM

The Way We Were ::: 1942 ::: CANADA

The De Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada Ltd advertisement acknowledging the Canadian-built MOSQUITO contribution…to the Allied war effort that originated from Downsview, in Toronto.

De Havilland CANADA Mosquito

"Before the end of the Second World War, de Havilland Canada built 1,134 Mosquitos, of which 444 were on strength with the RCAF in models Bomber Mk VII through Trainer Mk 29 from 1 June 1943 to 28 September 1951.

Production of the Mosquito, nicknamed the "Mossie," was the company's greatest contribution to the war effort. To reduce wartime metal use, the airframe was constructed almost entirely out of plywood.

The design intent of the Mosquito was speed instead of defensive armament, and as a result it was one of the fastest planes in the war, reaching 425 mph at 30,000 feet. The original design was intended as a light bomber, but soon proved itself in high-level photography and every phase of intruder operations." (Wikipedia)

::: Mosquitos BEATING UP Toronto

CANADIAN-MADE MOSQUITOS beating up the skies around Toronto in the war years!

Made in Downsview, Toronto!

Over 1, 000 of them.

Over 200 "Made in Toronto" De Havilland Mosquitos fought in other wars… besides WW II.

'nuff said.

That's forgotten Toronto, folks ~

(Silent film…music added—)

Friday, June 5, 2009

::: PROCESSING the A380 ::..

MANY ARE STILL…trying to make sense of the a-hem, event.

Like these two—

The event being the world's largest airliner, the A380, coming to Toronto for the FIRST TIME on June 1, 2009. And now being scheduled three times weekly, thereafter. Forever.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Around 3:30pm.

Folks, let's try and put this into some type of perspective.

So don't run out, and get married.

Don't jump from the CN Tower. Don't cash in…all your RRSPs.

It wasn't the Avro Arrow, 'kay?


WORLD'S BIGGEST AIRLINER starts servicing Toronto.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WAITING :::: for ::: the 380

THOUSANDS of people showed up for "the event". That being the COLOSSUS Emirates Airbus 380 coming as a regularly scheduled airliner to Toronto, for the first time.

One guy asks me, quite bewildered, what is everybody lining up on the hill to see?

So, I tell him about the A380. In the best kid's language, I can think of at the moment, as I'm hurrying to get into place.

Then he says, "That's neat. All these people coming out to see this."

And that's when I THREW ALL my camera equipment back on the ground!

THEN with a seriousness that bordered on severity, I said to him," That's nothing!"


"If that was the Avro Arrow arriving…the WHOLE, DAMN, COUNTRY. …would be here! All…35 million people!"

As I was making my way up the hill, "I could hear him yelling in the distance, "You're right, you're right…bless you…BLESS Y-O-U!!"

CHECK OUT this notable coverage of the event:

A380_ BIG. S i l e n t. 1st time @YYZ (Toronto)

I WAS HAVING flashbacks to that Hogan's Heroes episode, where the Nazis had invented a silent airplane.

"But 'Coron..el' Hogan…I don't hear anything!"

"That's just it, LaBeau, that's just it…

Nor, did I hear anything…AND the "beast" used less runway than a C-130 would have needed.


I'm impressed!

CHECK OUT this notable coverage of the event:

ONCE THIS An-124 was the second largest airplane in the world AND was the largest aircraft to fly into Toronto.


No more!

TODAY the world's largest airliner, the Airbus A380, and the newly crowned second largest aircraft in the world, will heave and lurch its way through Toronto skies and maybe, just maybe, the "new" YYZ runways will hold its MASSIVE SIZE and WEIGHT. Successfully.

Hey…even the atheists are praying all goes well. What does that tell you?

If the United Arab Emirates Airbus A380 pulls an "Air France"…Highway 401 will be wiped out, and likely, very likely, the rest of the city.

It's raining today. I'm just sayin'……

"No foolin', Wally?"

No foolin', Beav.

I'll keep you posted. From a distance.

:::OUR LANCASTER…has a message—

Make. It. Seven.

NO SOONER does our Mighty, Mighty Lanc' return to the air…than it delivers a message to ALL CANADIANS.

A message ALSO…for the NHL!

::::: My Car, My LANC' ::..

AS PROMISED, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has put our Lanc' back in the air by mid-May—

Overwhelming public support puts our Lanc' back in the air!!

From the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum:

"Due to the generosity of the many ‘Lancaster Propeller’ supporters who answered our plea for financial assistance, Canadian Warplane Heritage was able to buy two (2) propellers from an aircraft parts dealer in Florida. The propellers, in original World War II packing boxes, will be made available for the media to view and photograph.

The four (4) additional propellers that were procured from Greenwood Military Aviation Museum once overhauled will cost Canadian Warplane Heritage over $40,000.

More importantly, to those who answered our plea for financial assistance…..the Lancaster is now flying and taking bookings!"