Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WAITING :::: for ::: the 380

THOUSANDS of people showed up for "the event". That being the COLOSSUS Emirates Airbus 380 coming as a regularly scheduled airliner to Toronto, for the first time.

One guy asks me, quite bewildered, what is everybody lining up on the hill to see?

So, I tell him about the A380. In the best kid's language, I can think of at the moment, as I'm hurrying to get into place.

Then he says, "That's neat. All these people coming out to see this."

And that's when I THREW ALL my camera equipment back on the ground!

THEN with a seriousness that bordered on severity, I said to him," That's nothing!"


"If that was the Avro Arrow arriving…the WHOLE, DAMN, COUNTRY. …would be here! All…35 million people!"

As I was making my way up the hill, "I could hear him yelling in the distance, "You're right, you're right…bless you…BLESS Y-O-U!!"

CHECK OUT this notable coverage of the event:

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