Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Intentions

SURE… SOMEBODY… at some time… had tried to preserve this Harvard… save it from the ravages of those brutal Canadian winters, but…

Good intentions are just that.

We need follow-through…

The eagerness was there in the beginning, but then fizzle…fizzle…the protective wrap gets pulled away, exposing the airplane… and no one ever returns to make the necessary adjustment.

Not unlike BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE, and her idyllic song, "Universal Soldier".

A great song, performed best by her, for all time… but we need to make the adjustment for today, Buffy. We need to make your song relevant, again.

Some of the unconditional peaceniks have paraded this song out, as of late, and you know folks it just doesn't really apply.

Her song FALSELY PRESUMES and calls all soldiers to just stop fighting… and then the whole world would be at peace.

Good intentions Buffy… but we need universal follow-through in this, the age of NEW WAR, because one crazy side just won't stop fighting.

And nobody sane, really wants war… let's be perfectly clear on that… but we also don’t want peace at any price either.

Like at the cost of our freedom. I want to attend church openly, not as the Islamists would have it.

And if there ever is a peace… it will be negotiated on our Western terms.

And the soldiers were never the problem, Buffy.

When you performed this ballad of peace Buffy, in 1970, at the very height of the Cold War, all we had to worry about then was– the Soviet Union.

But Russia always had a keen eye to self-preservation too, and that was a huge advantage for the "dove". The USSR knew that if they dropped the “bomb” on us, our retaliation would be swift, and severe.

And vice-versa, of course.

Not a perfect system, mind you, but one with built-in “checks and balances”.

And so no attacks ever came.

Now today there is an "element" in the world that doesn’t care about self-preservation.

It only cares about attacking, maiming and destroying our freedom, and our way of life… at any cost.

And the attacks have come… and will continue to come our way.

Whether here, or over there.

And we need to root out these enemies of mankind, these “elements”, wherever they may be, and annihilate them.

And they aren’t just going to go away!

And Buffy, well… you need to update your song… change around some of the lyrics, bang it up a bit, and newly entitle it, “The Universal Terrorist”.

Please make your WORTHY APPEAL to that very deluded segment, tell those rabid dogs to unstrap their bombs and to refuse to co-operate with their lost, fanatical, leaders.

Yes… remake your song relevant for today ~

Relevant from yesteryear, here’s Buffy Sainte-Marie’s POWERFUL, LIVE PERFORMANCE, on the music scene, in 1970.