Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Way We Were ::: 1942 ::: CANADA

The De Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada Ltd advertisement acknowledging the Canadian-built MOSQUITO contribution…to the Allied war effort that originated from Downsview, in Toronto.

De Havilland CANADA Mosquito

"Before the end of the Second World War, de Havilland Canada built 1,134 Mosquitos, of which 444 were on strength with the RCAF in models Bomber Mk VII through Trainer Mk 29 from 1 June 1943 to 28 September 1951.

Production of the Mosquito, nicknamed the "Mossie," was the company's greatest contribution to the war effort. To reduce wartime metal use, the airframe was constructed almost entirely out of plywood.

The design intent of the Mosquito was speed instead of defensive armament, and as a result it was one of the fastest planes in the war, reaching 425 mph at 30,000 feet. The original design was intended as a light bomber, but soon proved itself in high-level photography and every phase of intruder operations." (Wikipedia)

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