Sunday, May 17, 2009

::: WIDOW and the Widowmaker ::

"Hush there, littl' darlin…"

Who she is remembering…we have no idea. Whomever…rest in peace—

The CF-105 Starfighter, of which 200 were made in Montreal.

While the CF-104, and its American version (F-104) were a favorite amongst pilots everywhere…they showed no mercy to those who flew her.

Make a mistake…you often didn't get a second chance.

Hence, the nickname "Widowmaker" given to her by pilots everywhere.

In fact 110 CF-104 were lost in operational accidents flying under the RCAF banner.

The first Canadair-constructed CF-104 (RCAF serial number 12701) was airlifted from Montreal to Palmdale, California in the spring of 1961, where it made its first flight on May 26. The second CF-104 (12702) also made its first flight at Palmdale. The first two CF-104s to fly at Montreal were Nos. 12703 and 12704, which both took to the air on August 14, 1961.

The CF-104 was powered by a Canadian-built J79-OEL-7, which was made at Orenda Aerospace in Malton.

AND REMEMBER while there was no money to finish and fly the already 37+ Avro Arrows, 17 complete, and the rest near completion…the Diefenbaker government found money to buy 200 of these!'

Diefenbaker…shot and pizzed on I say—

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