Tuesday, March 22, 2011

RECOGNITION eludes Toronto Area CASM artist…but Donald Trump knows what to do!


THIS UNKNOWN ILLUSTRATOR should be famous. Look at the detail in that Canadair Sabre.

This is AMAZING work! His illustrations can be found at the CANADIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM located at 65 Carl Hall Road in Downsview, Toronto. The museum is located across from Bombardier Aerospace Toronto.

55 YEARS AGO this Canadian-made (under license) Sabre was beating up Toronto skies under the Toronto based RCAF 400 SQN banner, taking to the skies, from right there, in Downsview.

No more.

The LIBERAL PARTY of Canada has been gutting the Canadian military since the hippie-dippy sixties. Soon Canada will be reduced to defending Canadian soil with kites and canoes; you know like we did back in the 1700s!

For the longest time, the United States of America has been guarding Canadian airspace. Sure CAF CF-188 Hornets intercept Russian bombers that approach Canada from international airspace, and just skirt our border…but if there was trouble, who would respond? It would be the might of America, and Canadian Forces units would dovetail in with America's response. Does that sound like independence to you?

FRANCE which has roughly double the population of Canada (at 65 million) is the World's Third Superpower behind the USA and Russia. The reader needs to really ponder that fact.

France has aircraft carriers, missiles, bombers, warships, submarines, thousands of fighters, and nuclear bombs…to protect its tiny (in comparison to Canada) land mass. And its sovereignty.

Canada has luck.

Or Canada goes hat in hand, to America's doorstep, to ensure ongoing Canadian freedom. Ever since the Cold War years. Disgusting.

There is NO REASON we (CANADA) can't be just like France.

Independent, by our own resolve.

I see some Y-35s and some new mark Arrows that need to be built.

The LIBERAL PARTY of Canada frittered away CANADIAN SOVEREIGNTY a long time ago.

Canada doesn't need a smaller military…we need one about 10X its' present size!

I like presidential hopefuls, THE DONALD, or Allen West, for 2012.

DONALD TRUMP, who is hawkish on the military, has stated that countries which rely on American military might…need to pay for it! Apparently, the non-business type clobberheads in the present, and recent past, American administrations have been giving away American military assistance for free!! All, on the American taxpayer's dime!!!

Prosperous oil or mineral rich countries that COULD EASILY pay for the American military intervention they got…were never asked to pay up!!!

Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, South Korea, South Vietnam, Afghanistan etc. or CANADA (yes, CANADA!) have never been asked to pay their FAIR SHARE!

Users, abusers, and losers, I say.

America came to Great Britain's and Russia's aid in WW II, but the Brits and Russians had to eventually pay for all that military support and hardware received through the Lend-Lease programme.

FYI…CANADA was never under the Lend-Lease programme.

In WW II, CANADIANS paid up front for military equipment, or produced it ourselves, and gave it away FOR FREE to the people of Great Britain in their hour of need. Here's some Hawker Hurricanes produced in Fort William, Ontario…courtesy of the city of Oshawa, for ya'…to aid the British war effort. Here's million Lee-Enfield rifles. Load them on the ships, and send' em over boys. Now, you get the picture.

You mean a glorious nation like Great Britain was charged back then, and some of these scrub nations of today, haven't been?!?!


Are you #%$@&*^ kiddin' me?

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