Friday, March 11, 2011

The AVRO ARROW Mark 5 : What SHOULD Have Been…

A CANADIAN DEFENDER for Canadian skies.A CANADIAN DEFENDER for Canadian skies.

PICTURED is a Mark 5 Arrow from the CAF, not RCAF (unfortunately), from 409 (Nighthawk) Squadron based in Comox, BC.

Yes…what should have been~

THE ILLUSTRATION is from an unknown Canadian aviation artist who has created a lot of fantastic SIDE-VIEW illustrations of just about everything that has donned the RCAF or CAF roundel. I added "movement" to the Arrow and a dimmed-out RCAF roundel (in the background) from another work he also created.

Who is the mystery artist?

Don't know.

Unlike EVERY OTHER ARTIST alive…he doesn't sign his stuff!

Some of his creations can be found at the CANADIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM located at 65 Carl Hall Road in Downsview, Toronto. The museum is located across from Bombardier Aerospace Toronto.

Check out the museum…home of a life-sized Arrow…and check out the museum's ultrafine gift shop. There you can purchase illustrations by this featured, unknown artist, and lots of other rare Canadian aviation stuff!

Remember the Avro Arrow, powered by her two homegrown Orenda Iroquois engines, would have been the most advanced interceptor of her time in 1959. And remember, she was designed, created, and screeched through Toronto skies…back in that illustrious day!

Most of the engineers from AVRO AIRCRAFT OF CANADA Ltd. went south when the Arrow and Iroquois engine programmes were cancelled—and made significant contributions to NASA. They helped put America in space.

In order to reduce mounting costs…the USAF offered to provide the weapons systems for all existing 27 Arrows, free of charge, IF the Canadian government would keep the two cutting-edge programmes afloat.

John G. Diefenbaker, then Prime Minister of Canada, said no.

Curtis-Wright of the USA ordered 12,000! Orenda Iroquois engines from Avro Canada.

Diefenbaker cancelled the order and told them to forget it. His government also cancelled the French Air Force's order of 300 Orenda Iroquois engines.

The USAF then offered to buy FIVE existing Arrows from the Canadian government's inventory, shortly after the two programmes were simultaneously cancelled on February 20, 1959.

The Canadian government NEVER ANSWERED that tabled offer from the USAF.

So much for all those conspiracy theories that really dumb (loads of) Canadians believe about America sabotaging the Arrow.

America tried to save the Arrow and Orenda! MANY TIMES!!

I can't tell you how many spooky Canadians whisper, "it was those Americans" whenever the demise of the Arrow is discussed. I know Canada is a free country and all… and it's your democratic right to remain stupid…but certainly, after a while, it should be embarrassing to you when the facts absolutely negate your anti-American sentiments.

Like Jim Floyd, former Vice President of Avro Aircraft Canada (hey—remember JIm?), has said repeatedly, about who is at fault for the demise of the Arrow and Iroquois,

"We (Canadians) did it (killed the projects) to ourselves."

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dragonfly888 said...

Just wondering, then... What was Diefenbaker's (and, supposedly, the Canadian Government's) reasoning for the cancellation the Avro Arrow project if, in fact, there were so many contracts, sales orders in process? It doesn't seem to make sense to me. Means, motive and opportunity... what was his motive???