Saturday, September 3, 2011

CIAS 2011: TORONTO'S AIRSHOW starts Tomorrow - Your Education BEGINS Today!

TOMORROW THE VTOL V-22 OSPREY (inset) will make its first Canadian appearance at a Canadian air show, at CIAS 2011. Insider Jenny of CIAS, hinted about the V-22 being in this years line-up—and sure enough the Osprey's attendance has been confirmed.

If you attended school in Canada—as I did—once upon a time, you likely don't know a damn thing about the 40 year ago C a n a d i a n VTOL precursor to tomorrow's pre-show favourite. Canadian history classes at the high school level are filled with leftist teachers with typical leftist tales about political do-nothings WHILE ACTUAL Canadian achievers are condescendingly ignored.

Leftists have a fascination with dreamers, you know, instead of doers. Think Obama.

So here we go folks…

LONG BEFORE the tiltrotor V-22…there was the tiltwing Canadair VTOL CL-84.

Say what?

Starting in 1957 Canadair carried out research in military aircraft VTOL possibilities. Vertical takeoff and landing, for those not in the know.

By 1963, Canadair had the kinks worked out—and started the construction of three prototypes.

By 1965, on May 7, the first "84" flew at the hands of Canadair Chief Pilot Bill Longhurst.

The CANADAIR crowd loved its newest baby and referred to the CL-84 as the "84".

GENERAL DYNAMICS which had acquired Canadair during the CL-84 developmental process added the moniker "Dynavert".

Unfortunately, after 700 successful test flights (including one where the "84" ended up landing on the White House lawn!) and after rave reviews by over 40 international test pilots, Canada was not able to secure a single purchase order. Not even with its own Canadian Armed Forces!

The Canadair CL-84 Dynavert Project was subsequently scrapped in 1974.

One "84" crashed, and the other two ended up in Canadian museums.

CL-84, CX8402 (pictured above), was retired to the Canadian Aviation Museum (CAM) in Ottawa and sits right beside the remnants of an Avro Arrow. Have you had your irony supplements for today?

NOW, I don't know what you'll be seeing when the V-22 dazzles the CNE crowd—but I'll be seeing the "84".

That's the beauty about a country, and people, like the United States of America—Americans, I repeat AMERICANS don't ever throw away technological greatness, unlike Canada and Canadians whose history is filled with such frivolity.

The original CL-84 photo is mine (purchased) and the colourized treatment was also done by moi.

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