Friday, September 23, 2011

:::: AMERICANS, go around buildings…

AS WE REMEMBERED the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 this month, and the needless loss of thousands of American civilians, people who were not combatants, we also remember those nations that have a long history of acting honourably on the world stage (America, etc).

Simultaneously, we note there are other nations, or peoples, who also have a long history.

But, of dishonour. Of treachery. Of civilian murder and civilian brutality.

15 of the 19 9/11 hi-jackers were Saudi-Arabians.

Earlier this year, United Arab Emirates airline demanded flight-route access to every major Canadian city, in order to compete directly against Canadian-based airlines! No—I'm NOT kidding you!! When Harper's government refused to grant that privilege…Canada was then told by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to vacate Camp Mirage. Mirage was the Canadian Forces base in the Middle-East for supporting Canadian Forces active in Afghanistan.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently threatened to sue various Canadian TV stations for running Ethical Oil ads which denounce the purchase of Saudi-Arabian oil based on that country's horrendous human rights track record. The ads which are based on facts related through Ezra Levant's book, 'Ethical Oil' note that while processing oil from the oil sands in Alberta, which have a larger carbon footprint, impact on the environment is not the only measurement for one's consumer ethics.

How does a country treat its citizens? How are their women treated? Their minorities? Does the nation in question fight or aid terrorists on the world stage.

Saudi-Arabia FAILS in every category but the environmental one.

To process Canadian oil, some additional refining (more energy is consumed) is needed.

So, is the minor impact on the environment OR the major impact on humanity—more important to you?

CTV pulled their 'Ethical Oil' ads after receiving a threatening letter from 'the Kingdom's' legal representatives.

SUN Media and the Oprah Winfrey Network continue to run the ads.

The Government of Canada is now investigating the recent actions of the Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia and their success in stifling the free speech of Canadians.

Ezra Levant (you gotta love that guy) has the the full scoops, from Blazing Cat Fur and Kathy Shaidle:

And the update:

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