Monday, May 16, 2011

FLIGHT 621 Crash Site: And so it begins…

…the process to develop the former crash site of Air Canada FLIGHT 621 where 109 passengers and crew lost their lives when their four-engine Air Canada "Stretch" DC-8 crashed into a Brampton farmer's field.

When the field has been developed, an irregular Flight 621 cemetery will be located right over the crash point (where the airplane went nose-first into the ground), a memorial gardens dedicated to the ill-fated flight for the victim's families will be in place, and a park for visitors will have been established .

Barb Winckler, FRIENDS of FLIGHT 621, walks the lower end of the site's perimeter fence.

This is a double fence which has hay bales filling in the centre?!?!

Flight 621 was a connoisseur flight of Air Canada's that flew Montreal-Toronto-Los Angeles (YUL-YYZ-LAX).

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