Saturday, May 14, 2011

FLIGHT 621: Brampton's WORST AIR DISASTER marked off

WELL, THERE IS no mistaking it now. Flight 621's crash site and the crash arena are now clearly marked and fenced in.

And the crash site is within the developer's site which is also now surrounded by a developer's site fence.

The bottom end of the field has a very bizarre double fence which I will show you soon enough.

Tomorrow I meet with the Brampton Fire Department Headquarters to discuss my most recent field finds which are related to their firefighting work of 41 years ago.

The bulk of the crash was contained within the fenced off area. I talked to an OPP officer who was given this eastern section to catalogue. He found human remains even this far from the impact point.

There was a torso of a male teenager that was found even farther away however, 1100 feet from the DC-8's ground impact point. The forces of destruction which come into play, in a crash of this magnitude, are just incredible—and merciless.

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