Sunday, October 4, 2009

I SHALL never… fly again ~

The MIGHTY, MIGHTY, LANC' flys again… but this grand, old Harvard, will never fly again.

MUSEUMS only have much money, folks. And a flying museum is expensive to run. So choices HAVE to be made. Hard ones. Spend here for this, and let that go. And so as bitter as it is… this HARVARD will not get the new $50,000 engine it needs to take to the air once more. Nope.

A 100 GRAND recently had to be spent on the MIghty, Mighty, Lanc, earlier this year… as you know, and so, this Harvard had to make the sacrifice.

And this Harvard was proud to do it, damn it!

To step up to the plate. To take the "hit" for the Lanc. It's all in the line of duty.

In the RCAF. Airman, or airplane.

Then. Now.

Old soldier, old workhorse, that she is.

So, this Harvard is done—

THIS GLORIOUS airplane that once rose to the occasion and trained hundreds of future fighter, and bomber pilots to fly, in perilous times past… and later pleased tens of thousands of both the young and old in peaceful times, at air shows annually… has reached her end of days.

'Course, if you have a Harvard engine lying around, one that you're not using, or don't want… and you have a feverishly generous soul… I'm sure the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum will thankfully take it off your hands.

Until that day… SHOULD IT EVER arrive… old valiant shall never fly again.

This will be her final, undignified state.

And here we are, in the sadness, and the quiet… just you, and me, and an ole' RCAF Harvard—

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Anonymous said...

She has flown again!