Saturday, October 10, 2009


AN IN-PROPORTIONALLY LARGE part of Canadian history revolves around aviation.

BASICALLY nothing happened in Canada, until we embraced the world of aviation.



And then, we almost went to the moon. By ourselves.

Canadian innovation.

We didn't have much as a nation. And we were pretty small, population wise. But, by gosh, we ran with what we had—

'Course you'll never learn that in school.

Elementary, collegiate, or post-secondary.

Oh, no.

Let's talk about Louis Riel, Pierre Trudeau, the suffragettes, …etc.

Hey! Let's not…

… and say we did.

WAY BACK IN GRADE 8, I had a crush on an attractive little blond girl.

Course, a lotta' guys in my class did. And we had some hockey stars, and some hunks, a guitar player or two, and a whole bunch of other guys that would appeal to a little girl a lot more than I would. I mean these were the days before my weightlifting, wrestling, and boxing obsessions.

I mean, I was pretty nerdy kid.

So I would talk about the only thing I knew. Those mighty, mighty Lancs.

I mean, I was just a dumb little kid.

Well, she laughed, and she laughed hard. And she laughed often. And soon enough everybody was jeering at my mighty, mighty Lanc stories.

Course, it only got worse.

I had just about given up. And, I had just about tossed in the towel because the object of my affection was further away than ever.

But then again, we're Canadians. And we never give up, and of course, we never say quit. Unless you're born out of that "New" Canada. Then you can, and will do, whatever.

So I took the ridicule. And I waited.

And then something extraordinary happened. All stars the aligned. And almost overnight.

She came over to me one day, and smiled. She said, "You know I saw a special last night on TV that had these Lancasters flying in it. There were all these people walking around and…"

That's when I cut her off.

"You mean, they were talking about my mighty, mighty Lancs!?"

"No", she quietly responded, "They were talking about OUR mighty, mighty, Lancs."

"Do you want to walk me home, today?"

"Yes, I believe I do—"

There are people who say we can't rebuild Canada. That we're done. Well… I don't think so.

They also say there will be no more great stories of Canadian innovation. And that's where I cut them off.

Folks, it all unravelled with the Avro Arrow, and that's what we have to go back to. That's where we have to begin.


A new Arrow. Several marks to meet the varying, but ever-present defence needs of Canada. But that will be just the beginning. That is only a start, towards a renewed national independence and a more enlightened nation-building policy.

Since that IS where we lost our Canadian soul, that IS where we have to take it back.

We have to re-establish Avro Canada.

We can't go forward…until we go all the way back. Yes, even past the Arrow… to the Jetliner!

But… I'm showing too much of my hand.

'nuff said.

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