Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Tiger Boys' Aeroplane Works OPEN HOUSE 2009: GUELPH, Ontario

This brother and sister team were mighty impressed with the Tiger Boy's kid's version of the de Havilland Tiger Moth. It can taxi! This baby Moth has working pedals and a steering stick!

GUELPH, Ontario… The Tiger Boys' Aeroplane Works OPEN HOUSE 2009: …really, AIR SHOW, with loads of airplane ride opportunities. You're up there flyin' for only $40! Dawn to Dusk. Saturday and Sunday in Guelph, Ontario. Third week in September. Always.

The Tiger Boys' motto : "Where Old Planes Go To ... Fly!"

Located on the outskirts of Guelph, it's a tiny airport. They call it an air park.

But every year, there is a surprise.

One year a CF-18 came to visit!

THIS YEAR there was a Silver Dart replica with Flight sim booth so you could try to fly a the AEA Silver Dart yourself.

ONE HUNDRED years ago, in Baddeck Nova Scotia, the AEA Silver Dart was the first heavier than air, airplane, to fly a powered, AND controlled flight, here in Canada. The Silver Dart may not have had a telephone, BUT Alexander Graham Bell was one of the five AEA designers of the Dart!

But, I digress…

So what will be "the surprise" next year?

Next year… well, I heard… that the Arrow that got away… may, may, show up.

Hey, you never know.

So you better be there. Tom Dietrich and Bob Revell who oversee the Tiger Boys put on a great show. THIS IS the way an air show SHOULD BE. Every one settles in around the runways and you let the show go on! It's also a fly-in. So bring your airplano! There was a ban on Taylorcraft products this year, but next year the ban should be lifted,

ONE GUY who flew in, landed, had sup, and then had to go. He flew back over the Air Park at an altitude of about 500 feet, and then throttled down his engine. A woman lying under a Cessna became alarmed and suddenly sat up scanning the sky for the airplane in trouble. At that moment the pilot yelled down to the unsuspecting visitors, to have a good day! And off he flew… to parts unknown!

Airplanes are taking off and landing every other minute. All at arm's length!

Folks, you are missing a GREAT, GREAT EVENT that runs every year! Lots of historical artifacts are also housed at the airport. Several static airplanes at the Air Park have appeared in blockbuster movies, etc.! And there old-timers there with stories to be told. But if you insist on being a couch potato…


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