Wednesday, October 14, 2009

:::. The HERO… that TORONTO Forgot ~

THIS IS Flight Lieutenant D.E. Hornell, VC's Canso of RCAF No. 162 "Osprey" Squadron.

Well, THIS WAS the paint scheme of Hornell's Canso (PBY Catalina, to the Americans) and brought back to life through the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, in Hamilton, Ontario. Here CWH's Canso is being put back into the hangar after an unscheduled flight on Thanksgiving Day.

Hornell's Canso attacked, and sunk, U-boat U-1225 on June 24, 1944 using depth charges at co-ordinates 63.00N, 00.50W which is north-west of Bergen, Norway.

AND ALTHOUGH, David Hornell born in Toronto, was awarded the Victoria Cross for both his conduct in the attack of U-boat U-1225, which they sank, and whilst awaiting rescue in their dinghy (they were also shot down during their attack), he isn't worthy to title a Toronto airport.

Namely, Toronto Island Airport.

Nope, that honour must go to Billy Bishop who apparently is the only Canadian war hero Toronto City Council has ever heard do of.

And… he ain't from TO.

The mayor of Toronto, David Miller, recently stepped down as mayor.

Good riddance.

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