Friday, September 25, 2009


USAF Heritage Flight at CIAS 2009!

The PAST (P-51 Mustang), the PRESENT (F-16 Fighting Falcon), and the FUTURE (F-22 Raptor).

THE EMPTY CONCEIT of Canadians is that they are neutral "peacemakers" on the world stage.

Well CANADA, look above… here are the real peacemakers.


Our NOW small and vetted Canadian Air Force, works in conjunction with these guys, the USAF, who are are the real protection of Canada. And, not through any fault of the tough and proud Canadian military, itself.

Since the anemic (Liberal and Conservative, NDP, and separatist) political parties have ignored the needs of the Canadian military for so long… Canada is in NO POSITION to defend its northern border, which is PRESENTLY being internationally challenged!

CANADIANS thought the loss of the AVRO ARROW was unforgivable.

There will be no forgiveness from Canadians, for any political party here in Canada that gives up any of these northern lands. Take note.

More overt challenges are coming folks, and don't think they're not.

So, the next time, you, as a knee-jerk, mealy-mouthed, leftist-Canadian, want to criticize the Yanks… just stop.

Thank your lucky stars that our southern neighbour is the United States of America, and not the former USSR… or we'd have already been annexed, just like Poland was, right after WW II!

CANADA looked good to the former USSR, except for that giant, resting just below the 49th.

And nobody wants to wake that sleeping giant.

Well, except for the Japanese, but they've learned never to do that again.

So… I'm off my soapbox now. But just for a few minutes—

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