Tuesday, September 8, 2009

::::: BILLY BISHOP Gets A Second Airport!


Although BILLY BISHOP was from Owen Sound, Ontario, 200 miles northwest of Toronto, the Port Authority of Toronto has decided to rename the Toronto Island Airport… Billy Bishop Island Airport!

Billy landed there a couple of times apparently. Although, no one is really sure when.

What a minute!!

Isn't there ALREADY a Billy Bishop Airport? In Owen Sound??


But, OwenSounders, didn't you know that outside of Toronto, nothing else exists? Do you really think that Toronto city exec types know about your itsy-bitsy airport?

The mayor of Owen Sound is pi- - ed! He has threatened to come down to TO and kick ass!

Mayor, all I ask, all I ever ask… is one thing. Just let me know when you are going to said, kicking. I will pay good money to watch this.

Apparently, Toronto has no homegrown RCAF heroes to name airports after.

F/L David Ernest Hornell, VC from Mimico comes to mind, but I'm so silly.

But hey, David only died in the line of duty attacking and sinking a Nazi U-boat near Denmark, all the while his PBY Canso (Catalina) was furiously ablaze. Somehow, he landed the badly damaged amphibious aircraft, and the Canso crew was saved a day later by the Royal Navy.

David blind, and weakened from exposure, however, died a few days later.

Apparently, DAVID HORNELL VC isn't a big enough hero for Toronto City Council or the Toronto Port Authority!

You already know what my political party would do.

Statue, DAVID HORNELL VC renaming, 100 jet fighter aircraft sonic-boom flyover smashing City Hall windows etc. just to send the message home to those TCC and TPA commies.

See how HAMILTON, yes Hamilton, has honoured Toronto's DAVID HORNELL, VC: www.flickr.com/photos/78215847@N00/384925646/

… and by the way that is the Canadian ace BILLY BISHOP, and he was another REAL CANADIAN I might add.

Here, during World War II, Billy Bishop D.S.C., V.C. is giving the address and send-off at this British Commonwealth Air Training Plan pilot dedication!

And those men you see in this clip from Hollywood's "Captain of the Clouds" were real airmen from Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and the United States of America. They really did receive their RCAF pilot's wings at that moment in time.

And some of them really did, never return. But they knew it was their call to join the great battle, to free the then-embattled world from Hitler, Mussolini, and Tojo. More real Canadians.

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