Sunday, September 6, 2009



Always. Well, at least ,when they can.

And portage.

And CAN SURVIVE in the wilderness for a month, no problemo.

With the bare minimum.

You don't need a tent. Or matches.

You need to be able to recognize edible plants. Set traps. Make a shelter. Keep a fire going. Protect yourself from predators.

If alone, you need to protect yourself from the bearwalker.

If really lost, you need to stay put, conserve energy and create a highly visible SOS.

Boil water and flavour with cedar leaves.

And drink LOTS!

If your urine is dark yellow… you're in trouble. On your way to dehydration.

Lose 10% of your body's water and you'll be incredibly weak, fatigued… lose a few more points and YOU'RE DONE! Delirium will set in and… that's all she wrote.

And at least ONCE in their lives, 12% of folks will be involved in a situation that will call upon survival skills.

Hope you're ready.

THIS IS the CANADIAN WILD and it shows no mercy to the careless, to ninnies, to prissies, or to the ill-prepared.

Enjoy it and savour it. BUT ALWAYS respect it.

About 20 minutes after this picture was taken, the bearwalker would put my ancient survival skills to the test. Yes, out of nowhere danger lurked, but I beat the bearwalker back. I stayed in charge.

So I lost only $4,100 dollars of camera equipment and NOT my life!

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