Monday, January 24, 2011

A Trip to Bountiful: TI-CATS STAY in HAMILTON!!

AS WE ALL KNOW…Leslie has been working behind the scenes to keep the CFL in Hamilton. Ti-Cat owner, Bob Young, had threatened to move the ancient franchise to parts more hospitable. And not necessarily anywhere in Ontario, either!

Hamilton City Council was selecting a new stadium site for the 2015 Pan-Am Games expecting good ole' Bob would just go along with THEIR dictatorial decision. Nope.

Finally, some council members realized they were dealing with a football guy, not a ballerina guy…

AND YES you would have to finally listen to BOB'S CONCERNS you tiny people!

Pretty soon all the hippies will be dead. I wish we could say that about all the Commies.

And the site of the new Pan-Am Games 2015/Hamilton Ti-Cats Stadium is IVOR WYNNE STADIUM!

Wait, that's where the stadium is located NOW!!


With promised stadium building cash busting out from coffers everywhere…The City of Hamilton, The City of Toronto, the province, the Hamilton Ti-Cats, and the private sector…someone realized that it would save everyone a lot of cash if they just rebuilt IVOR WYNNE!

No kidding.

Bob's happy. Leslie's happy. I'm happy.

Is Hamilton City Council happy?

Who cares?

And remember Bob Young's aunt donated $40 MILLION to the Hamilton Community Foundation in June 2000 to improve Hamilton area health facilities! That money came from his aunt's initial stock investment in Bob's software company, Red Hat Inc.

Considering all the contributions the Youngs have made to the Hamilton area, a new stadium should be built WHEREVER Bob wants it to be built…except the site of the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum… just saying…

(Roger's Centre lighting sucks…Leslie will have to stay greenish…because to remove the green cast kills the other colours! [Sigh].)

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