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:.::. LYNN SILVERTHORN : Toronto's First Family

GOING THROUGH old 8mm video… I discovered this poorly-shot gem!

It brought back two memories.

Man, I HATE horses.

And there really are HORSE PEOPLE.

Back in the early 90s, Lynn Silverthorn tried to teach me how to ride, on an old mare, deemed safe for beginning riders…

Well, the reality was a little' different I'll tell ya'!

The horse bolted and threw me off IMMEDIATELY! My shoulder bothered me for about 6 months after that—I never inconvenienced a horse again~

I had met Lynn at a friend's church, and after a church singles canoe and camping weekend event we sorta' hit it off. I was a bit put out originally—I had been asked to join the event because I was an experienced canoeist with some Coureur de bois blood running through my veins. I didn't really want to go, but what are friends for, right?

I ended up in a canoe with Lynn and was surprised to find that Lynn was quite the capable canoeist, herself. She was Christian, tall, attractive, cheerful, and financially independent. Wow…what more could a man ask for?

For one, a man could ask to meet a woman who wasn't a HORSE PERSON…

As I would later discover…to our mutual dismay.

Lynn's extended family at one time owned parts of southwest Toronto and southeast Mississauga. Hence a secondary school, a public school, a park, etc. named after Toronto Township's oldest family. And hence the family wealth which they kept quite quiet about. You'd never know they were loaded.

CHERRY HILL HOUSE is Mississauga's oldest surviving house. And Cherry Hill was owned by Joseph Silverthorn, a United Empire Loyalist, and Lynn's great, great, grandfather. The children of Joseph and Jane were the first white children to be born in Toronto Township! Believe it or not, that fact remains true—

The Silverthorns were always accommodating of the thirteen Indian tribes that were in the Toronto-Mississauga area and roamed through their lands. At Cherry Hill, "white man and redskin" shared sup and shelter, according to a blurb from Taste in the

And yes, Cherry Hill is haunted. By Jane Silverthorn, Joseph's wife and by some of the natives who had stayed at the home in the early 1800s. The house was moved eight hundred feet from its original foundation in the early 70s, and that's when all the trouble started! The house had to be moved because it was discovered to be located on an Indian burial site!!


Global News VIDEO:

While Lynn placed third in one Hunter Hack event at this horse show, and fifth in two others, she was a first-class investor. I remember a year or two before we met and went out, Lynn acknowledged she had purchased some 17,000 shares of Microsoft at less than a quarter a share! This, amongst all her other investments. Lynn was a buy and hold type…so when Microsoft hit $127 USD just seven years later…well, you do the math!

But alas, for us, it was not to be. I was a evangelical Catholic, and she an Evangelical.

I was an AIRPLANE PERSON and she was a HORSE PERSON.

I remember my landlord saying at the time, that he had never been able to make it with a HORSE PERSON. They were different people.

No truer words spoken, John! They really are.


WHY was it called the CHERRY HILL HOUSE?

It sat on a hill…and cherry trees encircled the homestead for an entire mile as well as lining the driveway up to the house!

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