Monday, January 3, 2011

>:>:> HAPPY NEW YEAR .. 2011!!!!

Will LESLIE STEWART, here pictured as an Toronto Argonaut cheerleader (my illustrious capture), but now coaching the HAMILTON TIGER-CATS CHEERLEADERS be able to keep the Ti-Cats in Hamilton?

A new stadium has to be built BUT can Leslie convince city council members to consider the location wishes of the anchor business (the Hamilton Tiger-Cats) in their selection of a new site?

Hamilton City Council (the Commies) want to build at one location…but the Ti-Cat's owner (Bob Young) is saying he won't relocate there, so like true Commies who dictate and never listen…they're steamrolling ahead with their silly Council plans anyway. Who cares if you can't fill the stadium with a suitable tenant after it's built for the Commonwealth Games. Only anti-biz Council proclamations matter.

Good luck Leslie, with that—

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