Thursday, January 20, 2011

FIRST FLIGHT: CF-100, 61 Years Ago and One Day…

HIGH ABOVE SPARSELY populated Toronto…

On its maiden flight January 19, 1950. Dressed in experimental black!

The top reprocessed photo is my copyright.

The bottom CF-100 photo showcases the "Clunk" in day-to-day duties.

THIS PHOTO is taken from the fabulous second volume about the Avro Arrow entitled… Supersonic Dreams – At the dawn of a new era, which is dedicated to the same, from its rollout to the RCAF’s acquisition of the Bomarc missile (96 pages) written by well-known Avro Canada Collector Marc-André Valiquette, who now is an Author, and Publisher.

TWO BOOKS in the series have been produced so far by Marc-André. With lots of interesting photos and info that only a serious lifelong collector would have.

Do yourself a favor, run out and buy both volumes today which can be found at aviation world, in Toronto, and other fine bookstores everywhere.

The third volume, Seeds of Suspicion, in this four volume series…comes out March 26, 2011.

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