Friday, June 20, 2008

Brampton’s LARGEST AIR DISASTER…Flight 621::: 1970


Flight 621.

Arriving at YYZ (Toronto) from Montreal, didn't make it.

It crashed here in Castlemore (now Brampton) instead.

Here's how it looked the DAY AFTER the crash.

109 people dead, mostly Montreal residents and Americans.

July 06, 1970.

NOW: See Below

(from a slightly different vantage point)

TOMORROW…2008 yields from the 621 field!


Anil said...

Please drop me a line, we need to talk.


Anil said...

I started a memorial site on regards to this tragedy, and I believe we are neighbors. There is a memorial happening on July 4th, drop myself a line, and feel free to join our facebook group located here!/group.php?gid=125301160831577

And of course, keep up the wonderful work.