Friday, June 20, 2008

STREETSVILLE…on the run in 81!

MY YEARBOOKS are missing in action.

I snagged this photo, from a yearbook on display…it shows the inside cover of that yearbook, which was from my graduating year (Grade 13) .

The STUDENTS carve out SSS, which, of course, is short for Streetsville Secondary School!

This past Friday and Saturday I attended THE Streetsville Secondary School: 50th Anniversary Reunion to reminisce…to relive and to recapture visual memories of days gone by.

Had a great time.

Two of my three old girlfriends were there. Hey Nancy!. just missed you May, I think– And let's not talk about the other one. Met my former wrestling coach. And I posted three pictures in the 80s Decade room that got a strong response!

And nope, I am not in the above photo.

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