Thursday, June 26, 2008

AIR CANADA Cuts 2,000 Jobs!!

AIR CANADA Cuts 2,000 Jobs!!…and for once I can’t blame Air Canada for something!


They "be" the victims this time.

In a perfect world, this is how we would deal with the present gas cost crisis. I have often thought of creating my own political party just because I could deal with these real life issues so much better, AND FASTER than the existing parties have, either Stateside or here in Adanac (that’s Canada, spelt backwords folks).

This universal (worldwide) price action by the oil companies, whatever their country of origin, to highjack our cost of gasoline, by sending it through the stratosphere and already poised to go even beyond…is simply unforgivable.

If I was ”running” Canada, I would dispatch the RCMP to throw all oil company executives on Canadian soil into internment camps. Yesterday. Canada has several, not in use since WW II, so we might as well bring’em back into operation and put' em to good use.

Under my government…we would need'em.

And those cavalier dummies could stay there, and rot, until they ALL so decided to revert pricing back to… say, about 80 cents a litre. Even then, I'd leave them "on ice" for a couple months, time enough for them to work out a consumer refund strategy!

We should never, ever, ever, be paying more than 80 a litre.

Raising the PRICE PER LITRE by over 40%…in a little over 1 year…is simply an act of treason and consumer hostage taking.

It should be punishable by death.

9/11 threatened to shut down the economy, but the present GAS COST CRISIS will actually achieve just that!!!

And soon!

THERE IS no rationale for such an outrageous price increase over even a decade, let alone a single year…except corporate greed, market tampering, lack of government monitoring and the perception the public is too complacent to react and fight back.

40 % in a year, CAN ONLY BE “market fixing” and blatant consumer robbery!

This price fixing action by oil companies, working in global unison (as a racket) is a real test of individual governments and their ability to respond effectively to this horrendous and imposing economic threat.

GM of Canada cut 2,500 jobs two weeks ago. Now Air Canada, 2,000 today. Soon your company will have to balance the books.

When will YOUR GOVERNMENT rise to the challenge and take REAL action against these price fixing bastards?

Who knows?

I just know my uncertain and indecisive government hasn’t–

THERE THEY ARE…still lost, wavering…and without a clue–––

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