Friday, September 10, 2010

::: JOE FIORITO: Phony as a Three Dollar bill .:.

MY NEIGHBOUR called up the other day asking,

" Do you by chance have any diagrams of the C-102 Avro Jetliner's Pilot's and Co-Pilot's side panels?"

I responded,

"Do you just need diagrams, or the actual side panels?"


(kidding)…but it would be nice.

My buddy goes on…"Hey, did you see what that hammerhead Toronto Star columnist said the other day about cancelling the air show (Toronto-CIAS)?

"Yeah, I read Joe…who? (we laugh, *inside Canadian joke*).

Just another zero unCanadian whose mouth is a yawning grave.

It's sad really. Canada used to hang Communists, now we allow them to write for the city newspaper.

CIAS (Canadian International Air Show) has been held for the final three days of the C.N.E. since, I dunno, 1949…a mere 60 years! A proud Canadian tradition. An actual Toronto tradition. The Avro Canada C-102 (seen in the photos above) flew in one of the first air shows, although the ever famous Arrow almost…but, never did. The Jetliner's spectacular (and loud) air show appearance is one of the few memories we still have of the illustrious Canadian airliner, that was once the heartthrob of millionaire Howard Hughes.

That very proud beginning beckons to us today to continue the irrepressible air show tradition.

But it must be a real air show.

And air shows are never polite.

Doubtful, if Joe even knows what the C-102 was, or about its chief designer and still Toronto resident, 96 year old Jim Floyd—nope, not even on Joe's radar…but if two parking lot attendants are scrapping it out…he'll will be right there with the complete story!

Saints preserve us!

Fiorito's reasons for wanting to end the air show are as asinine, and incredulous, as they come.

Hey, he needed fodder for that day's column. His column's air show commentary, quickly descends into a sheer kaleidoscope of intended (and therefore phoney) stupidity, including these gems:

"Canada has no need of American fighter jets…"

Well, Joe exactly one F-16 fighter jet from the USAF participated in CIAS this year, and we really don't need to hear your veiled anti-American slurs.

Most Canadians like Americans…and a lot of us have American relatives. And we do need American fighter-jets Joe, because past do-dos like you cancelled our homegrown Arrow interceptor programme a long, long, time ago. We now no longer make the best, or even make an air defender. We still need to buy the best, the F-35*, to defend our borders which are STILL the largest in the world, last time I checked.

"Unless, of course, you think it is useful and instructive to remind your neighbours, many of whom come from war-torn countries — Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq — that they are lucky to live in Toronto, except when the jet fighters are in town."

Pretty flimsy reason, suggesting, no conjuring CIAS as a PTSD trigger.

I know…but these Politb├╝ro types, well, this is the stuff they try to float…to the masses.

"…the planes turn swift and low over our rooftops, loud enough to rattle windows, wake babies, disturb the elderly, frighten dogs, prevent shift workers from knitting up the ravelled sleeve of care, and cause the sick at St. Joe’s to roll over in their beds of pain."

What, and emergency vehicles disturb no one?

With that line of reasoning…we should also end the disruption of the peace caused ANYTIME 24/7, 365 days of the year by reckless emerg vehicles…because dogs, babies, and some elderly people, somewhere, maybe even in Toronto…could be adversely affected by these screaming mimis.

We know mealy-mouthed sissy types can be offended or even frightened by such loud vehicular displays of assertiveness. At the CNE, or elsewhere, in TO.

Park your ambulances and squad cars boys, someone with early on-set senility doesn't embrace sirens (noise), or progress.

Therefore, ditto, we must also ban the hundreds of daily scheduled airline flights going in and outta Pearson, and similarly, from the same airport, the myriad of daily biz jet flights with their gratuitous displays of raw jet turbine power.

Joe, no likey.

Next, ban all freight and commuter trains that sound the horn of warning, and trigger those pesky, noisy, train-crossing standards.

…and ban citywide construction.

And all industry.

Noise, folks, noise, upsets Fior-io-io-io.

And masculinity.

"Because we do not need to bask in the militarism of the past…"

Actually, we do Joey.

Proud Canadians never forget, nor trivialize those who really sacrificed their tomorrows…for our today. You will, of course, but most Canadians remain decent.

There is no way we can repay those true Canadians who literally gave all.

The Canadian International Air Show is one of the few remaining ways we still publicly tip our hat to these patriotic Canadian warriors, whether past or present, and give them their due. Hence, this year's 100th Year Canadian Naval Celebration display at CIAS 2010.

BUT because of femboy ninnies like Fiorito, the HMCS Fredericton's guns couldn't actually celebrate by firing her guns into Toronto harbour…in recognition of the Navy's 100th.

No, them guns remained quieter than worthless fans at a Blue Jays game.

Besides…Joe's Parkdale disconnects would probably have thunk the city was under attack, anyway.

And jammed TO's emergency lines. Or flood texted Joe to help'em.

So, as usual, the eclipse-of-reason minority green freak agenda crowd ruined it for the rest of us, the majority~

And that's why we had a toned down air show this year.

And why I never went.

I support authentic Canadian traditions…not Kyoto makeovers.

SEE the complete stupidity, here:

*The F-22 is better than the F-35, but only the USAF gets to purchase the F-22 Raptor.

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