Friday, September 24, 2010

...:::.. I LOVE Canadian Aircraft ..:::

YOU KNOW, when its all said and done, I do.

You know its true.


When I first saw the "I love Canadian Beef" ads put out by the Beef Producers of Canada, I knew their message was good. Oprah had slammed beef on national TV, and her worldwide zombies hang on every word.

But others slammed beef too. Mad Cow, you know.

SO the Beef Producers of Canada did the one thing I like best about Canadians, they fought back at the disinformation. Right away.

I knew THEN…the "I love Canadian" concept had be taken to higher ground.

So I designed MY OWN bumper sticker. The Arrow illustration is fantastic, but not my own.

Now, in case there was any doubt, everybody, past, present or future…knows where I stand.

'nuff, said—


Anonymous said...

We are curious about your interest in Canadian aviation and wonder if you know anything of TCA Flight 831 crashing outside Montreal on the 29th of November, 1963? We are bringing together the families affected by this tragedy, with some 200 names on our contacts list. Any leads you might have concerning this crash would be most appreciated.

Also, we have been researching this crash for the past 2 years and are curious as to where and how you came across the Belanger 'will and testament'?

thanks in advance,

Ernest J. Dick
902 532-0969 /

Anonymous said...

We have now published our book,"Voices from a Forgotten Tragedy - Trans-Canada Airlines Flight 831". It is available via our web-site