Monday, September 27, 2010

AVRO AIRCRAFT of CANADA 1959: STUFF That Didn't Fly Then…

…and stuff that wouldn't fly now!

To the LEFT…a snow-melter powered by Avro's Orenda 10 jet engine for the Germans.

To the RIGHT…husband's and wives's duties at breakfast time. I have no comment, here.

The original state of the magazine is coloured with age, is a little beat up, and readily observed in the centre.

THE ORENDA Magazine published for the Orenda Engine Division of Avro Aircraft of Canada Limited…is sadly dated January 30, 1959. Three weeks, exactly, from the cancellation of Avro's main projects, the Arrow and Iroquois programmes, by the treacherous Diefenbaker government.

None of these folk saw it comin'.

Everyone, all 14,500 workers, were let go.

Must view LARGE to read floating articles…

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