Friday, July 17, 2009

WHAT IF CANADA… had squadrons, and squadrons, of Arrows?

OH, BACK in ’59?

Well…… it might have looked like this–

And we would have achieved our rightful place alongside the Americans, the British, and the French ~

(Oh, heavy is my heart…)

One must always judge the strength and independence of a nation, by the industrial might of that nation.

And in the 50s, folks…


Second. To. None—


"Behold the work of
the Old…

Let your Heritage not
be lost…

But bequeath it as a
Memory, Treasure and

Gather the lost and
…the hidden!

And preserve it for thy

–Christian Metz

… found this wondrous poem on the CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE MUSEUM site, and it applies both here and there —

NOTEWORTHY and OMINOUS: NO TWO ARROWS were ever photographed, together, in flight —

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