Sunday, July 5, 2009


FOUND IN a Manitoba's farmer's field, in 1980.

Restoration began earnestly in Hamilton, at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in 1993, when the project was taken over from the "Friends of CWH" who had been working on the Lizzie since 1983.

Completed last year.

Flew for the first time earlier this month, and IS NOW making public flying appearances for the first time. Here is the second flight for the day.

Trainer aircraft, target tug, and spy plane… the "Lizzie" did it all in an imposing way!

A ridiculous looking aircraft… it looks like a flying high-chair but you'll fall in love with it. Toots through the sky at an impressive clip… and was the first aircraft produced at the Malton facility then known as National Steel Car, in 1942 under license from Westland Aircraft Ltd. of the UK.

Made in Toronto, in 1942, folks!

The camouflage paint scheme represents an aircraft of No. 400 Squadron "City of Toronto", folks!

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