Sunday, July 5, 2009

:::: Luck Holds Out… for OUR Lancaster… Emergency landing in Hamilton!!

The MUCH AWAITED Heritage Flight was nixed today on Father's Day.

The North American B-25, the Fairey Firefly, the Avro Lancaster and the new-member-to-the-club Westland Lysander were supposed to meet up in the sky, and do a together, heritage flypast over the skies of Hamilton—

Didn't happen.

What did happen is that shortly after takeoff, a hydraulic warning light went off in the cockpit of Victory Aircraft Canadian-made (made in Toronto… dontcha' love how I emphasize where it was made) Lancaster.

The Lanc' pilot executed a cautionary move, left the Lanc's gear down, thereby deciding not to chance raising them… since he might not get them back down for landing and broke ranks from the Heritage fly-past formation.

He immediately swung the gentle giant around, lined her up (see above), and made an emergency landing amidst a sea of fire-trucks!

The other three WW II aircraft followed through with a flypast, the Lysander taking up the rear to launch herself into a solo effort for the public on her first public day out. The Lysander WAS ALSO made in Toronto!

Good news… there was no resultant damage for the Lanc' upon landing. The Lanc' will now get an intensive look over to fix any problems and to ensure she is flight worthy… ASAP!!

(Long distance photo)

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