Tuesday, February 5, 2013


…WHO SAYS CANADA…couldn't party like it was 1999?!

Who says we can't do it in style?!

We did.

Look at this fabulous block of stamps produced for Canada Post: Postes Canada!

Looky at some of the airplanes that the RCAF once flew!!


IF I could get unlimited blocks of these stamps I'd use them for all my mail…for the rest of my life!

No, foolin'.

Alas. (*sigh*) Not to be…

And just look at all the ROUNDELS the RCAF adopted for this, and that, time era!


Well the RCAF, Canada's Air Force, has changed its military logo many times.  For a complete explanation:

SEE "The Roundel Round-Up" at Vintage Wings of Canada: 
Brought to you by Dave O'Malley of AEROGRAPHICS Creative Services!

(FOUR of these aircraft…were MADE IN TORONTO!)

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Movie Car Collector said...

Nice blog. Was always thinking if I should expand my collection to airplane models. Unfortunately, they are quite pricey on this part of the Globe.