Thursday, February 28, 2013

FORGOTTEN TORONTO ::: The World's ONLY Flying Saucer

AT NEW YEARS, I HAD a friend lament that …everything about Avro Canada has been forgotten!  

"Who remembers, who…??"

Well…Popular Mechanics remembers.

February 2013.

And there it is! The RCAF roundel on the Avrocar in the fold-out!!

Granted, the Avrocar was made for the US ARMY and the USAF.

But it was MADE in TORONTO.

You can't go to too far in the history of aviation without touching upon Avro Canada.

THERE'S A 1000 ways to feel sad about what happened to Avro Canada…and I can find all of them.

'nuff, said~

(Avroites and Canadian patriots — Get this issue!)

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