Monday, June 25, 2012

CT-133 ACCIDENT day before, BIGGEST, BADDEST, AIR SHOW of 2012…

…as one of JAM's (Jet Aircraft Museum) 6 Silver Stars has port side landing gear ripped off upon landing.

The 'press' called it an incident, BUT it was an accident.


Well, because it sorta' landed HARD…100 feet or so…short of the runway, folks!  On rough terrain, not ideal, and smooth runway tarmac.

Short of the runway!  That's key!!

Shooting Stars or Silver Stars NEVER HAD tundra tires!

Likely the pilot discovered he was underpowered on the approach, tried immediately to compensate by spooling up the RR Nene 10 Turbojet…but this…or any other ancient 1950-60s jet engine just can't respond that quickly, folks…so…wham (a hard touchdown hit), port-side landing gear gets imbedded in the ground(!) while the rest of the aircraft slides 2000' before it stops.

Thankfully, pilot and passenger emerged uninjured from the crash.

C-FUPM, formerly 133346 of the RCAF, will never fly again~

Which is sad.  I love JAM and their CT-133s, and most especially their Mako Shark!

Canadair CT-133 Canadian Shooting Stars are almost identical to American Lockheed T-33 Shooting Stars, because they were developed from them!  Canadian licence-built CT-133 HOWEVER are powered by Rolls-Royce Nene 10 Turbojets, while American T-33's were powered by Allison J33s.
Canadair of Montreal built 656 of these T-33 variants, or 10% of all T-33s made!   Most of those served with the RCAF.  Some CT-133s still fly active-duty with the Bolivian Air Force, while many others have a new home with civilians, who hobby fly them.

A majority of electronic components for this aircraft, and the very engine itself (Orenda-built) were made by Toronto defence contractors.

Looks like WESTJET Maintenance is working with JAM on this one—

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