Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rock-Paper-Scissors - the Airbus Version

THIS ANCIENT CLASSIC hand game played by two, or more people, has, not surprisingly, evolved into a modern easy to play, aeronautical, version.

It's the new Airbus version.

Here's how it goes.

PAPER covers rock.
ROCK beats scissors.
SCISSORS cuts giant Airbus A380 wing root.

Rock-Paper-Scissors - the Airbus Version…has the same ole' 5 count, and is still used as a selection method.

If you win, your Airbus flies.

If you lose, well, like the giant Emirates A380 airliner did on December 7, 2010 at Toronto's YYZ…a catering truck's scissor lift collapses, and drops it's heavy load on the leading edge of your Airbus, slicing through precious wing as only falling scissors can…right into the very wing-root of your mega-big super Jumbo!

Then your Airbus gets to sit around indefinitely, right out there, in the harsh Canadian winter (as seen, yesterday), losing a half million in revenue daily, while local air techs build silly treehouse structures around your airliner, supposedly, to more effectively work on your Airbus…even though these guys haven't ever worked on anything larger than a Dash 7.

Good luck with that—

What will happen in the end, when all this "playing" is done…is this A380 will be written off as a complete hull loss.

Then this fatally wounded Emirates A380 will re-appear next summer as a fully taxiing, flashing lights extravaganza "700 seat kiddies airplane ride", complete with with a jazzy new ride name, and its own newly built 3000 foot mini-runway at Vaughn's Canada's Wonderland. Cool, eh?

Kids, you can start screaming right away…

Buy those Wonderland Season Passes early.

You've been warned.

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