Tuesday, December 14, 2010

:.:..: RCAF CANSO…somethins' a foot .::.:.:.

STOP. THE. PRESSES.…just in…

THAT'S an ORIGINAL CANSO. The one in tatters…

The white one just behind this bare-metal beastie is how most Cansos and Catalinas look today! But not during WW II, folks! They had a gun turret in front! And here's the CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE SECRET…CWH's flying Hornell Canso will have that turret mounted onto her airframe and be flying anew by summer!

Is there anything these CWH guys can't do?!

Methinks that this is quite an amphibious, no, sorry…quite AMBITIOUS winter project.

PLUS…Transport Canada has demanded an additional mod…a new door on the side of the Canso…see the green tape outline!

If I was Prime Minister of Canada, I would put CANADIAN WARPLANE HERITAGE MUSEUM in charge of getting things done, especially the improbable. Just when you think they've done all they could…they come up with this!

Can't wait!!!!!

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