Sunday, April 4, 2010

:::: The Winds, Have Changed :::.:.

ATTENTION… My Aviator Friends… you may want to pass over this post!

You have been WARNED.

FROM THE ALBUM… "The Winds Have Changed" comes the perfectly rendered, hidden hymn, "Here, I Am."

There remains to this day, a rumour.

It is a rumour amongst angels…

A rumour that God, sat up, and took notice of this song, when it was sung for the very first time.

There was a distinct feeling of being noticed by the transcendent One. And of noticing, an Other.

For nary a nanosecond, God was caught off guard, his guard dropped, and His presence was detected.

And then, the awareness was gone.

Folks, this hasn't happened since the days of King David.

When David's music pleased the Lord.

Eric Genuis, the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra, and Ann Marie Boskovich have gathered to give the world a momentous album. But the world is not ready.

That world takes no notice.

And so the album never makes the hit parade.

And Mr Genuis (pronounced GEEN•us) resumes to flying below the radar.

In this touring rendition of, "Here, I Am" … American, Caroline Brooks, provides the stunning vocals.

And no… she does not falter.

THEY SAY THIS WOMAN is an angel. And I believe it!

Sensational album.

Did I already say that?

But the world is not ready.

No major label is promoting Eric. And Caroline remains, unsigned.

And so, in perfect pathetic fallacy, the moon should careen into the Earth. Now.


THERE IS a sliver of hope, yet.

Not, all, it seems, is lost.

Some of Eric's songs can be found on iTunes.

Yes. And, this one.

But there still remains Eric's forgotten album of the early 90s. Last in Line.

Eric's songs. Eric's vocals. Eric on piano. Eric's masterpiece.

I know one Catholic priest, in Hamilton, who has a copy. Father K. And that's it!

So good luck in finding that gem!

I think there may be another hidden copy in Stoney Creek. But you'd need an airplane to find it.

No. Catholic. Inspirational. Collection. Is. Complete. Without. Both. Of. These. Albums.

But this exceedingly rare album is truly only for Christians—

Sorry, paganos.

I really don't know how a pagan would relate to it. How could they? Or the busy, unreflective, secular, humanoid?

Or, one of Hitchy's shallow cracklings.

Better not to try—

"I passed this way in silence. For I had hoped to pass this way, unnoticed."

And some have no religious stirrings, at all.

Sad, really.

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